Art Club

Learning Outcomes

The Art Club aims to cultivate a strong interest in the visual arts in our students to undertake challenging and meaningful Visual Arts activities. Through VIA (Values in Action) projects, art competitions, art workshops and learning journeys, students gain exposure and awareness of social issues and the visual arts scene in Singapore. 

Students are encouraged to experiment with a plethora of materials and mediums to explore their thoughts, feelings and ideas, and develop skills to make critical judgements about artworks and art practices through the study of visual arts. Collaborative art-making also encourages bonding amongst our members and provides a safe space for our students to explore, experiment and create art together. 

Some of our art activities include

  • 3D art – Ceramics, Super Sculpey clay-sculpting
  • Printmaking – Monoprints and Linoleum printing
  • Digital Art – Digital painting on Procreate, Pixel art and Stop Motion Animation
  • Wet media – Acrylic Liquid Pour, Palette knife painting, Watercolour, Spray Painting
  • Papercutting and Stencils
  • Fabric Art – Embroidery, Batik painting, Reversible Plushies and Tie Dye
  • Jewellery Art – Resin charms

Key Events

  • Learning Journeys to explore public art
  • Overseas art trips and exchange
  • SYF Art Exhibition

CCA Day and Time

Tuesday: 3:30 pm to 5:30 pm.


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