Principal's Message

When I first stepped into Peirce Secondary School, I saw a statue of army general Yue Fei and his mother outside the school foyer. Yue Fei was reminded by his mother to be responsible and contribute to his country dutifully, when she carved the words 精忠报国 on his back. Yue Fei went on to inspire many as a military strategist and courageous warrior.

The statue displays Peirce’s focus on Citizenship and Character Education, which supports our vision of Peirceans as “Resilient Learners, Gracious Citizens”.

The statue also shows our beliefs in partnering parents to achieve the potential of every Peircean, through our mission of building “A Learning Community that Values Every Individual”.

Our School Crest and School Motto Fax Mentis Incendium Gloriae – The Passion for Glory is the Torch to the Mind, ignites the flame of Peircean minds and inspires passion for excellence. The first letters of our school values - Passion for Excellence, Integrity, Respect, Care and Empathy, spell PEIRCE

A parent myself, I want children to grow up confident, balanced and happy. Having positive relationships with caring significant others, is key. 

At Peirce, we encourage students to be trustworthy, respectful and appreciative of one another. 

In our School Song, Peirceans pledge to achieve both excellence and honour. Through Honour in Action, Peirceans strive to be the best they can be. To honour words, actions, people and the environment, we educate Peirceans to “Think Before You Speak”, “Deliver What You Promise”, “Treat Others as You Would Want Others to Treat You”. 

As an educator, I lead my staff to grow and develop desirable student learning dispositions. Peirce has 5As – Attendance, Attire, Attention, Attitude and Atmosphere. With all staff cultivating and reinforcing values, mindsets and behaviours, Peirceans have a high sense of self-worth, are responsible for self and others, able to contribute to class, family, community and nation.

At Peirce, we grow enquiring minds to deepen skills and understanding. We engage and empower those who venture and aspire. We support holistic health to face future challenges. 

As the principal, I am deeply appreciative of the trust parents place in the hands of me and our staff. 

I wish you and your child an enriching learning journey at Peirce! 

Mrs Betty Chow


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