Craft and Technology

1. Department Members

Mr Ng Joon Yong (HOD Craft & Technology
Mr Ong Kian Lai Jonathan (HOD Student Guidance)
Mr Mohammad Zabid Bin Jabar (Senior Teacher)
Mr Chan Jie Yong
Mr Chiz Poh Seng
Miss Kang Yiling Chanel
Miss Kimberley Ong Sher-min
Miss Lai Jia Hui
Miss Lee Xiu-Ping
Mr Lin Kuen Ping
Miss Lin Yuzhi
Mr Ee Chong Choon

2. Department Programmes

a) Digital Art programme for the Secondary 2 students
Objective: To develop effective communicators to enhance art-making process.

The Art department organises an engaging 6 week module of digital art to unleash the inner artist and designer in our students. The students experience and learn to use Adobe Photoshop software to design an art piece. The skills the students develop from this program will help them should they go on to embark on other photo or design projects. To infuse National Education into this program, art pieces that the students create are themed around Singapore’s national icons or other aspects of Singapore’s culture.

b) Museum Art Education package for the Upper Secondary Art students
Objective: To develop students in the different aspects involved in the art-making process. To immerse the Art students in Singapore’s real and authentic art scene, the school organises learning journeys to the museum and art exhibitions. These learning journeys include docent-led trips to the Singapore Art Museum (SAM) and Art Stage, an annual Asian Art Fair held in Singapore.

During their visits, students are given tasks to help enhance the learning experience. An example of such a task is identifying their favourite art piece(s). This task also requires them to give reasons to support their choice, identify the concept behind the artwork and identify the possible subject matters selected in the art making process. Back in school, the students share their ideas with each other during art lesson . This is followed by a discussion with their teachers on localising the concepts and identifying suitable subject matter. The sharing of these ideas help to enrich the students and this eventually translates into their art-making process back in the classroom.

c) Lower Secondary Design & Create Curriculum
Objective: To develop effective communicators and creative thinkers.

The lower secondary Design and Create curriculum allows students to experience the entire design process from identifying problems to the creation of solutions. They have the opportunity to pick up basic sketching skills which allows them to communicate their ideas effectively in their design journals. They are exposed to different ideation techniques which can be used to generate better design solutions, honing their creative thinking skills. Students also get to realise their design ideas by creating artefacts using various machines and tools in the workshop.

d) Upper Secondary Design and Technology Enrichment Programme
Objective: To develop interest and relevant skills in the creative industry

Computer Aided Design - Students are taught how to use different tools and rendering techniques to articulate their design solutions using the 3-D modelling software – SketchUp.

Elective Modules are conducted by local designers to expose students to simple and relevant skills needed in the creative industry. These include sketching and rendering techniques, building mock-ups to explore and communicate product and internal design concepts.

e) Upper Secondary Food and Beverages Enrichment Programme
Objective: To develop interest in Food and Beverages (F&B) related business in Singapore.

Advanced Electives Modules are programme conducted by polytechnic to teach aspiring students on how to start and manage their own food and beverage (F&B) business. Through a variety of hands-on activities, students will craft and present a simple and sustainable F&B business plan and design their dream restaurant.

Elective Modules are school-based customized programme to expose students to the working life of a professional chief and learn the operations in the commercial food kitchen.

3. Photos

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