SWN Login Guide

Student may connect to SWN Wi-Fi network to access internet for teaching and learning purpose.

To connect to SWN Wi-Fi:

  1. Go to 'Wifi' under 'Setting' on your mobile phone.
    Setting on mobile phone
  2. Select SWN@SSOE from available Wi-Fi network list
    Wifi list
  3. Once connected, a login page will pop up.
    Login using your IAMS account. (Remember to check on the box to agree the T&C.)
    Login to SWN page
  4. If you have the certificates installed, you may press the "Done" button. Otherwise, please proceed to step 5.
    Done connecting to SWN
  5. If you are connecting to SWN on the mobile phone for the first time, please download and install the MOE-SSL certificate. (You only need to do so once.)
    Certificates link
  6. Press the "Install" button when you see the 'Install Profile' page.
    Install certificates to the profile
  7. You will need to enter your passcode for the installation to start. If your phone is not protected with a passcode, you will be prompt to create one.
    enter passcode
  8. Press the 'Install' button after you have entered your passcode.
    Install certificates prompt
  9. Press "Done" to complete.
    Done installation


  • You can’t login to more than one device using the same account at the same time. Please remember to logout from SWN at http://portal.swn.moe.edu.sg when you have finished using the connection.
  • Your IAMS password will expires every 90 days.
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