Mother Tongue

1. Department Members

Name Email Address
Mrs Teo-Seet Chui Wan (HOD Mother Tongue Languages)
Ms Tan Pei Ghee (SH Chinese Language)
Mdm Lam Tze Kim (LT Chinese Language)
Miss Chai Hsueh Chi Michelle
Mr Ganesh Prasad Harihara Subramaniam
Mr Ismail Bin Abdullah
Mdm Lee Chun Nee
Miss Li Ying
Mdm Rosnani Bte Suni
Mdm Sellaiah Kousalya
Miss Suriyanti Bte Jumari
Miss Toh Xin Rong

2. Department Programmes

a.) Malay Language (ML) Programmes

  • Nasi Ambeng and Urap(malay salad): This activity takes place during our MT Cultural Camp in 2017. Students get to watch, learn and participate in the food preparation. Before they eat in a traditional way, they are briefed on the proper etiquettes.
  • Dikir Barat Workshop

b.) Chinese Language (CL) Programmes

  • Clay Modelling by Sec 1
  • Painting of Chinese Face Mask
  • Chinese Performance Exposure Scheme
  • Chinese Broadcast Journalism Workshop
  • Xinyao songs appreciation with popcorn
  • Chinese New Year concert

3. Photos