Mother Tongue Language Department

1. Department Staff

Mrs Teo-Seet Chui Wan (HOD Mother Tongue Languages)
Mrs Loo-Tan Pei Ghee (SH Chinese Language)
Mdm Lam Tze Kim (LT Chinese Language)
Miss Chai Hsueh Chi Michelle
Mdm Lee Chun Nee
Mdm Rosnani Bte Suni
Mdm Sellaiah Kousalya
Mdm Suriyanti Bte Jumari
Ms Toh Xin Rong
Mdm Bai Meiqi
Ms Nurul Syakinah Binti Sahak

2. Department Programmes


Our key approaches to teaching of MTL include:

  • engaging students in purposeful and active learning in lessons through interactive, authentic and differentiated performance tasks:
  • conducting regular formative assessments to inform both teachers and students on the progress of learning; and
  • providing enrichment programmes for students to actively learn MTL and its associated culture to experience MTL as ‘a living language’.

Curriculum Programmes

  • In classroom learning, students are paired / grouped purposefully that facilitate critical thinking and active learning through discussions. Such strategies provide a platform for developing 21st century competencies (21CC) in our students in the area of communication and collaboration skills.
  • We also leverage on use of ICT tools and e-learning platforms to develop self-directed learning and collaborative learning as students acquire mastery of language skills. Lessons and earning tasks posted on Student Learning Space (SLS) provide opportunities for self-directedness in learning

Enrichment Programmes

  • MTL Fortnight and Cultural Camp Programme provide students with authentic opportunities in using MTL and experience the Chinese, Malay or Tamil cultures
  • Applied Learning Programme provide students with an authentic platform to put the language skills they learn in the classroom into an authentic context.
  • Reading Programme encourage students to read widely through selected reading materials and subscription of magazine.

Lower Sec – Stories books or short stories
Upper Sec - Newspapers or Students’ magazine

  • Conversation Chinese / Malay equip students with basic conversation skills in another language.
  • Learning Journeys to Asian countries provide students with overseas immersion opportunities to broaden their horizon and deepen their cross-cultural understanding.
  • Competitions - To provide opportunities for students to showcase their talents in MTL.

CL – Essay Writing Competition
        Bian Cai Competition编采比赛
ML – Sahibba Competition
TL -   Debate

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