e-Student Handbook

Please click here for the PDF version.

Morning Parade and Morning Assembly Formation

Banded / Subject Group and Class Homeroom Protocol

Positive Classroom Culture Through 5As

Our Fire Drill / Evacuation Procedure / Our School's Privacy Policy

Financial Assistance for Needy Students

Counselling Support@ Peirce

Learning and Behavioural Support@ Peirce

Welfare Support@ Peirce

My Honour Code of Conduct

Our Learning Expectations

Our School Rules

Offences and Consequences (Category 1 - Offences)

Offences and Consequences (Category 1 - Serious Offences)

School Assessments and Examinations

Scheme of Academic Awards and Edusave Awards for Students

Assessment, Evaluation and Movement

Continuing Education

Academic Target Setting and Revision Planning

Love your Personal Learning Device (PLD)

National Physical Fitness Award (NAPFA)

My Holistic PE Assessment/ My Physical Well-Being

Co-curriculum Activities - LEAPS 2.0

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