360° School Campus Tour

School Entrance

Our school is located at 10 Sin Ming Avenue, accessible by car, bus and MRT. We also have a back gate access to Upper Thomson Road.

Front Porch

Our driveway features a wide roundabout for you to drop off and pick up your child/ward, with our iconic statue of Yue Fei and his mother. Our porch also has benches for use, so that students need not stand around to wait. Our OM frequently oversees the traffic in order to facilitate dismissal- this not only guarantees your child’s safety but it also means no traffic jams during pick up!

Parade Square

A vast, colourful space for assemblies, PE lessons, free play and CCA trainings. The recent installation of astroturf grass adds a pop of green to this already vibrant space.


Our canteen has Halal and non-Halal options to provide staff and students with tasty meals to tide them through the day.

School Hall

Our school hall is spacious and well ventilated. It plays host to assemblies, PE lessons, CCA trainings and examinations.


Our classrooms are all well ventilated with both fans and windows. They are all equipped with a sound system, projector, projection screen, whiteboards and lockers to facilitate learning.


Our fully air conditioned library has a wide range of titles to appeal to both growing and adept readers. It also has smaller rooms for group activities.

Amici Locus

This is our after-school engagement centre that features fun activities to keep our students meaningfully engaged.

Computer Lab

We have two computer labs for Computing lessons. We also have mobile carts with iPads and Window Surface devices to support e-learning in our classrooms.

Science Learning Centre

A vibrant space for our students to have their Science lessons. The unique tables facilitate and encourage group work and discussion.

Science Laboratory

We have six Science Laboratories to support practical sessions for our Physics, Chemistry and Biology lessons. Our laboratory support staff are also on hand to support our students’ practical sessions.

Uniformed Group (UG) Hub

A communal space that showcases the achievements of our Uniformed Groups (UG). It has tables and chairs for students to have their recess or to support their after school study sessions.

Dance Studio

A fully air conditioned dance studio with full length mirrors.

Rooftop Garden

A small, cozy spot perfect for some fresh air.

School Garden

Our school garden has a beautiful koi pond and some study tables with umbrellas for shade.

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