1. Department Teachers

Name Designation Email Address
Ms Annie Tan Yew Geok HOD Science
Mr Ang Keng Kiat HOD CCE
Mr Lee Yang Hui Clement SH Science
Ms Wong Hei Man Assistant Year Head Sec 2 (2021)
Mr Ashwin Selvarajan Assistant Year Head Sec 4/5 (2021)
Mr Ng Bing Fu Senior Teacher (Biology)
Mr Retnam S/O Thekkamalai Teacher
Mr Sham Kah Shen Brandon Teacher
Mrs Leow-Quah Chiew Peng Teacher
Mrs Hsu Lay Keok Nee Neo Teacher
Mr Tan Kok Heong Godberg Teacher
Mr Kan Cheng Mun Teacher
Ms Pang Yin Yin Teacher
Ms Tan Yin Chin Teacher
Mr Teh Chin Foo Teacher
Ms Thenmozhi D/O Nalathamby Teacher
Mr Royston Tang AED/T&L
Ms Nur Khaizurah Binte Zainalabiddin Laboratory Technician
Mr Zulkifli Bin Jabal Laboratory Technician
Mdm Ong Aei OSO
Mdm T Saroja OSO

Please refer to the organisation chart below.


2. Department Programmes

Our programmes are designed to provide a broad-based holistic Science education.


  • To enable pupils to acquire understanding and knowledge in Science to become confident citizens in a technological world
  • To develop abilities and skills that are relevant to the study and practices of Science
  • To enthuse students in the learning of Science via the 5E model of inquiry

5E Model Approach:

Our department adopts the 5E Model of Inquiry in our lessons and programmes.

Lower Secondary Science Experiential Program (SEP):

Objective: To engage students to a variety of experiences related to scientific concepts; to equip them with relevant scientific skillsets for inquiry to take place

The Lower Secondary Science Experiential Program (SEP) is a three-week programme for Secondary 1 students to learn Science Process Skills via hands-on experiments. These novel experiences are key to enthusing students and nurturing them to make links across the Science disciplines and concepts learnt within the classroom.

The LSS Trail is a signature event of the SEP. It aims to engage our Lower Secondary students in real-world contexts.

Students will engage in Place-Based Inquiry Learning in Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park, where they will demonstrate the Science Process Skills learnt during the SEP lessons with their teachers.

Please refer to the attached photos.

Science Enrichment (Science Centre Programmes):

Students are actively encouraged by their subject teachers to take part in competitions and projects organized by the Singapore Science Centre.

Our students signed up for the Youth Science Ambassador project in 2019 and the Young Sustainability Champion programme in 2020.

Please refer to the attached photos.

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