1. Department Teachers

Name Email Address
Ms Annie Tan Yew Geok (HOD Science)
Mr Ashwin Selvarajan (Assistant Year Head)
Mr Clement Lee Yang Hui (SH Science)
Mrs Leow-Quah Chiew Peng (ST Chemistry)
Mr Teh Chin Foo (ST Physics)
Mrs Hsu Lay Keok Nee Neo
Mr Ng Bing Fu
Mr Retnam s/o Thekkamalai
Mr Tan Kok Heong Godberg
Mr Tan Qin Zhong, Benjamin
Miss Tan Yin Chin
Miss Thenmozhi D/O Nalathamby
Miss Wong Hei Man
Mr Tang Royston

2. Department Programmes

Our programmes are designed to provide a broad-based holistic Science education.

Main Objectives:

  • To enable pupils to acquire understanding and knowledge in Science to become confident citizens in a technological world,
  • To develop abilities and skills that are relevant to the study and practice of Science to be effective in an increasingly knowledge-based society,
  • To prepare pupils to further their education in the Junior colleges, Polytechnics or ITE, and eventually in the Universities.
  • Stimulate curiosity, interest and enjoyment in Science through a variety of teaching methods and extensive Enrichment activities.
  • Enhance pupil awareness on the importance and relevance of Life Science and other initiatives, and prepare them to meet the challenges.

InnoScience Programme:

  • To provide pupils with an authentic learning experience.
    To expose them to the activities that a biologist/chemist/physicist will do in their field of work.
  • To excite pupils and develop love and interest in the subject.
    Impart and reinforce important practical skills to benefit pupils as part of the preparation for upper sec syllabus
  • The design of the Lower Secondary Science (LSS) curriculum is centred on the goal of developing scientific literacy in our students, as well as the 21st Century Competencies Framework and the Singapore Science Curriculum Framework.
  • Once a fortnight, the InnoScience lesson will be facilitated by two teachers in a class. Hands-on activities such as data-logging and other experiments beyond their textbook are conducted during this lesson.

Knowledge Building:

  • To promote Collaborative Learning and Self-directed Learning amongst students.
  • To make visible student thoughts by providing students with opportunities to self-regulation their learning.
  • To develop effective communication skills by raising the level of Scientific literacy.
  • Knowledge Building is work that is focused on the creation and improvement of ideas. It may be defined simply as “the creation, testing, and improvement of conceptual artifacts. It is not confined to education but applies to creative knowledge work of all kinds”. The design of the Secondary 1 (LSS) curriculum is centred on developing scientific literacy and the 21st century competencies. Two teachers (specialised in their discipline) are assigned to manage each class during the lessons. Knowledge Forum is used as a platform for students to post their ideas, to build on others’ ideas and to pose questions to enhance their understanding and also to clear any misconceptions.

Science Enrichment & Talent Management Programmes:

  • To generate interest in the learning of science beyond the textbook
  • To enable pupils to develop a deeper understanding of the various branches of science
  • Prepare pupils for appropriate science related competitions
  • The department organises enrichment activities in the form of learning journeys or workshops during the post-exam period to provide our students with the opportunity to learn beyond the classroom. These opportunities allow for them to connect their learning to the world around them and to extend their learning beyond what the textbook offers.
  • Students with a keen interest for science will have the opportunity to participate in the Talent Development Programme to be trained by our teachers for competitions such as USNW ICAS and C B Paul Science Quiz.