Our Approach to PDLP

Peirce's approach to PDLP can be described as Transformative, Integrated and Responsive.


Transformative. PDLP is a game-changer presenting new possibilities that impact both learning and learners. We believe that our approach will yield steady and incremental improvements, transforming students into self-directed, independent and collaborative learners over time.


Integrated. Classroom practices at Peirce have evolved to embrace diverse learners through pedagogical approaches. PDLP, with its greater use of e-pedagogies, serves to pull together Assessment for Learning (AfL), 21st Century Competencies (21CC), Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) and strategies to address individual needs.


Responsive. Our teachers continually assess students' responsible use of learning devices and response to strategies. Leveraging the affordances of technology, teachers make adjustments to optimise learning through interactions and feedback. There will be a balanced variety of different learning modes.

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