Welcome To Peirce Secondary School

For PSLE students,

Peirce welcomes students from all streams (NT, NA and Express) to apply to our school. Choose Peirce today!

Information on Secondary 1 Registration, 23 December 2019

Secondary 1 students posted to Peirce Secondary School are to report to the school hall at 8.30am on Monday, 23 December 2019.                                                      Your child/ ward should wear his/ her Primary School uniform and bring along the following:

  1. Student Card
  2. PSLE result slip
  3. Report Book (optional)

All parents/ guardians are encouraged to be at the school for a briefing to help you and your child/ ward understand more about the school. Your child/ ward should report to the posted secondary school even if he/ she intends to appeal for a transfer.

Uniforms and textbooks may be purchased on the same day or can be on the following days stated below.

Walk-in-Sales for both school bookshop and uniform
Dates: 23, 27-30 December 2019

Operating Hours: 9am to 3pm (Mon-Fri), 9am to 12pm (Sat) Closed on Sunday & Public Holiday

The bookshop accepts both Nets and Cash, the uniform shop accepts Cash only.