Peircean ParentLine

Vol 3 – Nov 2019

Dear Parents,

At our Graduation Ceremony for Secondary 4 & 5, I shared about the Japanese art form of Kintsugi, to encourage our students to live up to the school’s vision as Resilient Learners, Gracious Citizens.

In Kintsugi, craftsmen repair broken pottery by mending the areas of breakage with lacquer dusted or mixed with powdered gold, silver, or platinum. The repair is made such that brokenness and cracks are not hidden, but emphasised.

I used this example to provide to students the perspective that no one is perfect – each of us has shortcomings, weaknesses and flaws. When we learn to overcome our difficulties and continue to face our challenges, our experiences make us stronger. Hence, true to our mission of Value Every Individual, we recognise each person as unique, worthy and precious. Each of us deserves respect and appreciation.

Often, we are not in control. We suffer disappointments. We make mistakes. However, we learn from them and move on. There is beauty in not hiding our flaws. They are a part of who we are. They have helped shape us and made us into better people.

As the academic year draws to a close, and summative reports given out to students, there will be celebration of learning, and also time for reflection, to make necessary improvements.

I encourage students to Learn for Life by being curious to attain knowledge; Embrace Diversity in Others by open to different points of view; and Enhance Their Well-Being by staying healthy and adaptable to changes.

We would like to thank all parents for being our valued partners in education. Together we hope to nurture our students to be happy, balanced and contributing individuals.

Have an enriching and joyful end-of-year holiday with family and children.

We look forward to your continued support in 2020!

Thank you.

Fax Mentis Incendium Gloriae.

Mrs Betty Chow


  1. School Activities during Nov/Dec Vacation

    Some CCAs will continue to have training sessions, during the school holidays. The respective CCA teachers would have informed you of your child/ward’s involvement, if any, through a letter.

  2. Head-Start Programmes

    Sec 3 Express Course students began the Head-Start Programme where lessons on part of the remaining ‘O’ level syllabus resumed, between Mon 21 Oct and Fri 1 Nov. These lessons were aimed at reinforcing knowledge and skills required for the O level curriculum.

  3. Nov/Dec Holiday Assignments

    Students will keep in touch with their learning during the school holidays through assignments posted on the school’s Student Learning Space (SLS) or hard copies given by the subject teachers at

  1. Our heartiest congratulations to Branson Tan, 5A2 for being selected among all basketball boys in the nation to receive the SCCC Best Sports Boy Award for Basketball at 49th Colours Award Ceremony. This is the highest honour a Peircean sports person has received in the school history.

  2. Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC) 2019

    Sec 1 Express and selected Sec 1N(A) students took part in the above international competition. 3 Distinction awardees and 23 Credit awardees were recognised. The 3 distinction awardees were: Liu Penghao, 1A3, Quinn Natalie Marayag Vinarao, 1E1 and Brayson Chua, 1E4.

  3. Values in Action: Purple Parade

    Selected Secondary 1 and 2 students participated in the Purple Parade @ Suntec City on 2 Nov (Sat). The Purple Parade is a national platform to promote awareness and celebrate the abilities of people with special needs. Your child’s participation in this activity provided him/her with the opportunity to be more caring and empathetic to people with special needs.

  4. Student Leadership Training

    A Student Leadership Challenge workshop was conducted on 30 and 31 Oct for Sec 2 CCA Leaders and Student Councillors to equip them with a set of skills and competencies to start them in their leadership journey. Besides, a series of training sessions will also organized for different groups of student leaders during the holidays to prepare them for up and coming events like the school Open House and Sec. 1 Orientation programme.

    29 student leaders and 4 staff will be on a overseas learning journey from 18 to 21 November as part of their leadership development journey. The team will be visiting schools in Phnom Penh for cultural immersion and student leadership exchange. The leaders are in the midst of preparing for the values in action projects which they will conduct in the village schools.

  5. Peer Support Leaders Training

    The school has identified the second batch of Peer Support Leaders (PSLs) from the current Sec 1 cohort. The newly recruited PSLs attended training sessions conducted by PSL teachers on 22, 23 and 29 Oct. PSLs’ key role is to contribute to the caring and positive peer culture in the school when they look out for one another and provide support to their peers in need. With a peer support mind-set, students create a community of care and support amongst peers.

  6. Overseas Learning Trips in November
    Programme Destination
    a)     Immersion and Exchange Trip to Vietnam

    14 – 18 Nov

    Hanoi, Vietnam
    b)     Immersion and Exchange Trip to China Xiamen, China
  7. Graduation Night 2019

    The Class of 2019 held their Graduation Night at Concorde Hotel Singapore on 18 Nov from 6.30 pm to 10.30 pm. Co-organised with the Peirce Parent Support Group, the event allowed our graduating students to celebrate and bid farewell to their secondary school journey.

  1. Travel Declaration

    You can inform the school of your child/ward’s overseas travel plans for Nov/Dec school vacation on Parent Gateway, or school homepage at or download a copy of the form for your use.  Hard copies are also available from the school General Office.As part of our effort to ensure the well-being of our staff and students, we advise that if your child is unwell with flu like symptoms upon return from overseas vacation to seek medical attention and return only on expiration of medical certificate and upon full recovery.Parents can update the school should there be any change in the travel plans.  It is important that information you provide us on your child / ward’s travel plans is as accurate and current as possible.  Please contact the General Office at 64576454 should you need to update us with the necessary details.

  2. Financial Assistance for 2020

    Students who wish to apply for financial assistance for 2020 can obtain the application form from the General Office and submit the completed form with the relevant documents as soon as possible.

  3. Special Arrangement for 2020 GCE Exams

    A student with physical disability (e.g. hearing impairment, visual impairment, colour-blindness) or learning disability (e.g. dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD) which may adversely affect his/her performance in the GCE examination may request for special arrangements during the examination.Parents are required to submit updated Psychological / Medical Reports (dated no earlier than 2017) by qualified professionals to their child’s form teacher by mid Jan 2020 for submission to Singapore Exams and Assessment Board (SEAB).  Please note that Psychological / Medical Reports (except colour vision deficiency) submitted during your child’s Primary School education will not be valid anymore. The outcome of the application will be made known in mid-2020.

    Parents are to note that certain special arrangements will be annotated in the student’s GCE Exam certificate.

  4. Temperature Taking Exercise Jan 2020

    As part of continued preparedness in activating temperature taking when necessary, we will be conducting the above exercise in Term 1 on Thu, 16 Jan 2020.

  5. Contact Details Update

    The school needs to be informed as soon as there are changes in your child / ward’s contact details or guardianship, i.e. contact number and address of child, guardian or parents.  Please obtain a form from the General Office to provide us with the updates when necessary.

  6. Attire and Grooming for School

    The school reopens for Term 1 on Thu 2 Jan 2020 and morning ceremony begins at 7.25 am.  We seek your support in ensuring your child’s readiness for school with suitable grooming and school attire.  We wish to highlight that upper secondary boys’ trousers must be worn at the waist, and sufficiently long to cover the ankles.  Its width should not be altered to be tapered for a slim fit.  Girls should wear their skirts at the waist and be at knee length.  Plain white socks or school socks must be worn visible above the highest edge of the shoes at all times. More details are available from the Student Handbook link on the school website.

  7. Road Safety

    We advise parents whose children come to school by private transport to let them alight past the main school gate at the left most road lane at the ‘Drop off Point’ sign with a blinking light.  It is unsafe for your child to alight along Upper Thomson Road near the school back gate where there are designated bus lane hours with heavy traffic during peak hours.