Peircean ParentLine

Vol 1 – June 2019

Dear Parents,

I am glad to announce that our students did well for the 2018 GCE ‘N’ and ‘O’ Level Examinations. Our Secondary 4 Normal Academic and Express students did particularly well, attaining value-added results. For co-curricular activities, the school is proud of our students’ prowess and achievements in Sports, Uniformed Groups, the Aesthetics and Clubs.

This is despite the merger last January. The school would like to thank all parents for their belief in and support for Peirce. At the end of 2018, our school students, staff and partners have reviewed, and endorsed our vision, mission, values and motto as:

Vision - Resilient Learners, Gracious Citizens

Mission - A Learning Community that values every individual  

Values - Passion to Excel, Integrity, Respect, Care and Empathy

Motto - Fax Mentis Incendium Gloriae - The Passion for Glory is a Torch to the Mind

Aligned to MOE Work Plan Seminar announcements on School-based Assessments to reduce the over-emphasis on academic results, there was no mid-year examination for secondary one students this year. In its place were weighted assessments and feedback structures for students to progress and improve. Time was optimised for lessons, co-curricular programmes, learning journeys and other enrichment activities to deepen learning.

To encourage Peirceans to be resilient learners and rise above challenges, our teachers build up students’ foundation for lifelong learning, through developing their sense of purpose in learning, motivation to learn and ownership of learning. To nurture Peirceans to become gracious citizens with the heart to serve, the school initiated the Honour Programme to reinforce students’ positive actions, such as “Think Before You Speak”, “Deliver What You Promise” and “Treat Others As You Would Want Others To Treat You”.

In Semester 1, we held programmes and activities to develop Peirceans holistically, such as Educational and Career Guidance Day, Values-in-Action, Cross Country, Sports Carnival, Student Leadership Investiture. We celebrated our ethnic festivals such as Ponggal and the Lunar New Year, and commemorated National Education events such as Total Defence and International Friendship Days. Our Speech Day this year appreciated the strong support and partnership the school has with parents, when special arrangements were made for parents to attend the event in the evening, and receive the awards together with their child.

Semester 2 will be a consolidation of students’ mastery, reflection and application of learning, as our graduating students prepare for the national examinations. Highlights will be our Bicentennial National Day and Teacher’s Day Celebrations.

I would like to thank all parents for their partnership in developing students’ character, and supporting their children in education of knowledge and skills.

Fax Mentis Incendium Gloriae
Mrs Betty Chow

  1. Direct School Admission (Sec) 2019

    Peirce is a participating school in the Direct School Admission Exercise 2019 providing two distinctive programmes; (i) Developing Community Leaders with the Heart to Serve through Uniformed Groups and (ii) Broadcast Journalism. Primary 6 students who are interested in any of the two programmes can now apply for a place with us in next year’s Sec 1 classes. We welcome students who are interested in Broadcast Journalism or strengthening their personal qualities such as resilience, confidence, willingness to serve and an overall enriched school experience through participation in a uniformed group to join the school. More information can be found at our school website.

  2. Programme for Graduating Students

    a.) Students sitting for the O level MTL exam on the 3 Jun underwent daily intensive revision programme between 27 and 30 May.
    b.) As part of the school’s continued effort in helping your child achieve his/her optimal performance in the N or O level exams, the programme for 4NA, 4E and 5NA students were carried out in Weeks 1 and 4 (4&6 Jun, 24-27 Jun), of the June school vacation.

  3. CCA Holiday Training Sessions

    Some CCAs had holiday training sessions in June, especially those which are preparing for competitions and performances. Details of the sessions were made known to the CCA members by the respective teachers in charge.

  4. Holiday Assignments

    Peirceans will keep in touch with their learning during the June holidays through the assignments posted on the school’s e-learning portal at or hard copies given by subject teachers.

  1. A*Star Science Award

    The award aims to recognise young Singaporean talent and provide opportunities for students to explore and deepen their interest in Science and research. It is open to Singaporean Sec 3 students who have excelled academically especially in English, Science and Mathematics subjects based on their Sec 2 overall results.
    We are pleased that Johann Ngew (3E1) and Tammy Ho Hui Ting (3E2) are recipients of the award. They participated in a 3-day Research Exposure Programme (REP) organized by A*Star and the Science Centre during the school holidays. The programme will give awardees an insight into research work at A*Star and include hands-on research workshops tailored to the interests of the students. The award also grants an annual allowance of $500 to the awardees, subject to the completion of REP.

  2. Uniformed Groups (UGs) Unit Awards for Assessment Year 2018

    Congratulations to the UG teacher officers and students for their good performance in their respective annual unit assessment. The NPCC Unit obtained Bronze in the Unit Overall Proficiency Award 2018, the NCC Unit obtained Unit Recognition 2018 – Distinction, the Scouts and SJB achieved Gold awards in the Overall Proficiency Award, Frank Cooper Sands and Corp Achievement Award respectively.

  3. Sports & Games

    We commend the teachers and students for their resilience and fine efforts in the National School Games Competitions. Congratulations to the following teams:
    • Table Tennis B Div Boys for 3rd placing, C Div boys for 4th placing at the Zonal competition
    • Rugby U-17 Bowl Category - attained a spot in the top 4 position;
    • Basketball B Div for 4th placing in the Zonal competition.
    We are very proud of the teamwork and grit of the players which have helped their teams to achieve good performance. Well done Peirceans!

  4. Singapore Youth Festival (SYF) Arts Presentation 2019

    The four performing arts CCA, namely the Wind Symphony, Choir, Modern Dance and Drama, have spent much time preparing for the above event. Their efforts were paid off when all four attained the Certificate of Accomplishment. Congratulations to all performers and the teachers and instructors!

  1. E-Learning Day

    On 27 Mar, Sec 1 - 2 students stayed home to access lessons and assignments between 8am and 2pm posted by their subject teachers on the school’s e-portal at The online materials included lesson materials, online assignments, quizzes and surveys. Students’ attendance were recorded when they log onto the e-portal.

  2. Values in Action (VIA)

    Sec 1 students attended Design Thinking workshops in Term 1. After the training, some groups came up with ideas that could potentially be developed into products to help the elderly, while others devised activities that could help delay the onset of potential illnesses like dementia. The students will complete their projects in Semester 1 and present their innovation journey after SA1 examinations.

    Sec 2 classes attended Design Thinking workshops learning about the needs of the community and elements of project management. The students then embarked on their VIA project in collaboration with Singapore National Cooperative Federation (SNCF), Food Bank Singapore Ltd, National Kidney Foundation (NKF), Intergenerational learning programme (ILP) and Thomson Sin Ming Court RC.

    2E1 students attended lessons taught by the SNCF trainers on setting up a co-operative club in the school. During the sessions, they visited NTUC Warehouse Club to find out the items they can purchase and sell in school to raise funds for a suitable cause. In class, they learned marketing skills, creating a business plan, and managing finances.

    2E2 students are working with the Food Bank Singapore Ltd to raise awareness of food waste amongst the student population as well as do their part in preventing food waste by packing near-to-expiry food items in the warehouse which will then be distributed to welfare organisations.

    2E3 students are working with ILP to research on possible courses that the elderly would love to sign up for lifelong learning. The students will then design and conduct the workshop for the elderly in Term 3.

    2A1 students held discussions on programmes to entertain kidney patients at dialysis sessions. NKF personnel will share with students, health tips to prevent diabetes.

    2A2 students are raising funds for needy students through sale of art and craft items produced by students to be sold at a flea market in collaboration with Thomson Sin Ming Court RC.

    Sec 3 students walked with the elderly from Lion Befrienders Home while Sec 4 and 5 students wrapped food hampers for donation to the elderly from Ang Mo Kio Senior Activity Centre.

    For nine years running, partnership with the National Environment Agency (NEA) and Thomson Sin Ming Court RC provided opportunities for students to perform community services in the school’s neighbourhood on 1 June (Sat) from 8.30 am to 12 noon. Students were involved in the neighbourhood newspaper collection activity to play a part in recycling and caring for our environment.

    All Sec 1-2 students went on a learning Journey to Fort Canning Park for the Singapore Bicentennial experience on 24 and 27 May respectively.

  3. Elective Modules (EMs)

    4 N(T) students attended the EM from 27 – 30 May. They learnt how to build models of artefact, applying their learning of Science and D&T.

  4. Advanced Elective Modules (AEMs)

    Sec 3 students attended the AEM of their choice in May and June at Singapore Polytechnic or Republic Polytechnic – Aerospace Fundamentals with Flight Simulation, Guide to the Business of Events management and Food & Beverage and Fundamental of Robotic Programming. AEM aims to enrich the secondary school curriculum with applied learning options, focuses on the practical application of knowledge and to help students discover their strengths and interests.

  5. 1-Star Kayaking Course for UG Cadets

    Sec 2 UG cadets attended the above on 3-4 June at the Marina Reservoir.

  6. Student Leadership

    The Student Leaders Investiture held on 3 Apr saw the appointment of Sec 2 and 3 Student Councillors, CCA Leaders and the new Executive Committee. The investiture for class leaders and Peer Support Leaders were conducted on 3 & 5 Apr at the respective Year Head Time.

    Student Councillors and CCA leaders attended their first training camp on 18&19 March. Their leadership training and development journey during is given another boost at a 2-day residential camp on 24 & 25 Jun. The programme will focus on application of their leadership knowledge and skills as participants engage in reflections on their leadership experiences thus far and plan for up and coming activities.

  7. 26th Cross Country and 24th Sports Carnival

    Held on 8 Mar at Bishan Park and 18 Apr at Yishun Stadium respectively, the events saw active involvement of various groups of stakeholders. The Cross country flagged off by Mr Chooi Yue Thye, Vice-Chairman of the PPSG saw students and teachers from Pathlight School and Peirce parents joining the staff and students of the school.

    The Sports Carnival, organised in inter-house format, included a range of activities such as volleyball, soccer, touch rugby, mat ball, Frisbee, 4x100m relays, photography, art competition, sports commentary and workout sessions so as to cater to both the sporty and not so sporty students. The most exciting event was no doubt the Staff and Parents Relay which saw most students cheering their hearts out for their parents or teachers. Once again, the PPSG has been actively supporting the event by setting up a drink and snack booth. We also want to thank Mr Koh Chee Keong, Vice-Chairman of PPSG, for being our Guest-of-Honour.

  1. Sec 2 Outdoor Adventure Camp

    Sec 2 students will be involved in the above camp to be held between 29 and 31 July at Jalan Bahtera Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre. Campers will be challenged physically and mentally as they participate in rugged activities like dragon boating, challenge rope course and rock climbing. The camp also aims to bond the cohort through these activities.

  2. Temperature Taking Exercise Term 3, Week 1

    As part of school preparedness to reactivate the temperature taking regime should there be a need to, a temperature taking exercise will be conducted on Fri 5 Jul. Your child is required to bring his/her Oral Digital Thermometer on the first Wed and Thu of next term for a thermometer checking exercise.

  3. Home-School Partnerships

    The Guidelines for School Home Partnerships shared by MOE in February this year aims to outline how schools and parents can work together to support your children in learning self-management skills, taking responsibility and building resilience. Here shows an overview of the guidelines for school-home partnerships. The illustrated comics here show how the school would like parents to partner us for these guidelines.

  4. Road Safety

    We would like to alert parents that the road along Sin Ming Avenue and Sin Ming Walk have been realigned since 22 June 2019 due to MRT construction work. Please drive carefully when you are on these newly aligned roads.