Peircean ParentLine

Vol 3 – Oct 2017

Dear Parents,

The school term will soon come to a close. It gives me great pleasure to take this opportunity to provide an update of the school’s progress and achievements in 2017.

Strategic Thrust 1: Academic Excellence

Achieving academic excellence is one of the key goals of the school. The commitment to continually seek improvements in our pedagogical approaches has contributed to the sustained good performance in the GCE Exams.

Our Secondary 4 Express students have consistently achieved more than 95% eligibility for Polytechnic and 85% for Junior colleges or Millennia Institute for the past 5 years. Our 2016 Sec 4 Express student performance in the GCE exams was a historical best with 97% eligible for Polytechnic and 91.7% eligible for Junior College and Millennia Institute. Our Sec 5 Normal Academic students have also done historically best with 78% eligible for Polytechnic.  We are also extremely proud of our Sec 4NA students, they have surpassed our past performance with 90.9% eligible for Sec 5NA, compared to the National Average of 72.5%. The number of our Sec 4 NA students who qualified for Polytechnic Foundation Programme has also increased from 10 in 2015 to 14 in 2016. This Polytechnic Foundation Programme is a direct progression to polytechnic and is offered only to the TOP 10% of GCE N level Exam candidates.

The good performance of our GCE exam results is indeed an affirmation that the School has a strong team of dedicated teachers and diligent & committed students.

Strategic Thrust 2: Character & Citizenry Development

Building Character and National Pride through experiential learning activities has been a key approach of our Character & Citizenry Development Programme.

All students from Sec 1 to 5 have the opportunity to participate in level camps as well as customised Year Heads’ Character Building programmes. The school continues to leverage our strong UG and Student Leadership Development programmes to provide our students with opportunities to lead and work in teams. All students participated in a VIA project that allows them to initiate and implement community projects to inculcate in our students a sense of entrepreneurial dare and community spirit. One of our VIA project Teams by Sec 3 NA students with NKF was invited to showcase their project during the opening of the NKF Kidney Discovery Centre this year. The GOH for the ceremony was our Minister of Education (Schools), Mr Ng Chee Meng and our students were most excited to have a group photo with the Minister.

Strategic Thrust 3: Staff Development

Establishing a strong “Professional Learning Community” culture is a key focus for our teachers. Our teachers meet weekly to discuss and improve our pedagogical skills, focusing on “Assessment For Learning” to enable students to be more self–directed and engaged in their learning.

Each Department has customised professional development programmes to enhance teachers’ competencies in Teaching & Learning with a key objective of developing pedagogies that deepen our students’ critical thinking skills and helping students to be more independent and self-directed in their learning.

Our Parents - Our key Partners

Our parents are our key Partners of the school. Many of our parents have shown great support for the school through their active participation in school events as well as school talks and parenting workshops. Our PPSG has also continued their good efforts in forging stronger ties and interaction between teachers and parents. We are deeply appreciative of our parents who have worked hand in hand with the school to encourage and support our students in their growth and development

Information on School Merger in 2018

Peirce Secondary School and Bishan Park Secondary School will merge with effect from January 2018. The merged school will be situated at Peirce Secondary School

The School Leaders from both Bishan Park and Peirce Secondary have been working closely with the Principal-Designate, Mrs Betty Chow, to ensure the merged Peirce Secondary School will tap on the strengths of both schools’ Curricular and Co-Curriculum programmes to provide enriching and exciting education programmes for our students.

With the increased expertise from dedicated teachers of both schools and a larger enrolment of students, the merged school will be in an advantageous position to offer more varied and robust education experiences to develop our students to be confident, resilient and concerned citizens of our country.

We would like to assure all parents that the merged Peirce Secondary School will work hand in hand with parents to continue to provide a holistic education, focusing on both academic and character development to prepare our students well for the challenges of the future.

On behalf of Peirce Secondary, we wish all a restful holiday and good health.

Fax Mentis Incendium Gloriae.

Lee Eet Fong



Message from Principal- Designate, Mrs Betty Chow

mdm betty chang

Dear Students and Parents,

2018 will see a new page in the history of Peirce Secondary School as it merges with its neighbour, Bishan Park Secondary School. In addition to the close physical proximity of the two schools, they were in same cluster and shared many joint programmes and activities for staff development and student learning over the years.

In preparation for the merger, which was announced in 2016, the two schools further strengthened their collaboration to effect a seamless transition. Staff from both schools came together to plan for common assessments, combined Co-curricular Activities (CCA) competitions and camps such as the Combined Secondary Two Camp at Dairy Farm Adventure Centre.

The result of such efforts is that the merged Peirce Secondary School will integrate the best of both schools. The subjects offered have been extended beyond the usual standard ones to include Computing for the Express stream, and Retail Operations for the Normal Technical. There are now 18 CCA to choose from, to cater to the different talents and interests of the students. The Applied Learning Programme (ALP) i-Cast is on Broadcast Journalism, and the Learning for Life Programme (LLP) develops student leadership through the Uniformed Groups and community projects.

Our teachers are passionate and committed to delivering their best for the students. From the positive track records of student achievement in both schools, our teachers have proven that they care for every child; and have the knowledge, skills and competencies to guide each to fulfil his or her potential.

It will be an exciting and meaningful journey! I would like to invite students and parents to join us at Peirce Secondary School, where we nurture Peirceans into Resilient Achievers and Responsible Citizens!

Mrs Betty Chow


  1. School Activities during Nov/Dec Vacation

Some CCAs will continue to have training sessions, during the school holidays.  The respective CCA teachers will inform you of your child/ward’s involvement, if any, through a letter.

  1. Head-Start Programmes

Sec 3 Express Course students have begun the Head-Start Programme where lessons on part of the remaining ‘O’ level syllabus have resumed, starting Mon 23 Oct and will continue till Fri 10 Nov. These lessons were aimed at reinforcing knowledge and skills required for the O level curriculum.

  1. Nov/Dec Holiday Assignments

Students will keep in touch with their learning during the school holidays through assignments posted on the school’s e-learning portal at

If your child / ward has no computer with internet access at home, the School Computer Lab 1 will be opened from 30 Oct – 3 Nov (Mon-Fri) and 26-29 Dec 2017 (Tue-Fri) from 9 am to 12 noon for your child / ward to complete the assignments.

School rules and regulations apply to all students when they return to school during the school vacation.

  1. Sec 2 CCA Leaders Training Workshop

The CCA Student Leadership Committee will be organising the above for the new batch of CCA leaders on 22 & 24 Nov. The programme aims to equip the leaders with relevant leadership knowledge and skills from the Student Leadership Challenge model so that they are become more competent and confident when they lead their CCA peers next year

  1. Uniformed Groups Camps

Sec 1 – 3 Uniformed Groups cadets will hold combined camp in school, from 3 to 4 Nov for NCC and Scouts and 3 – 5 Nov for NPCC and SJB.

  1. Overseas Learning Journey to Hong Kong

A group of 27 students, comprising of 21 cadets and 6 sports students will be heading for Hong Kong from 12 to 15 Nov.  Accompanied by 6 teachers, participants will visit two schools to interact and learn from their counterparts.  They will also be visiting other educational sites to widen their global awareness.

  1. Overseas Learning Trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

A group of Sec 3 students, accompanied by 5 teacher chaperons, will be going for an immersion and exchange trip to Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam between 11 and 15 Nov 2017.  The trip aims to develop student’s 21stCC skills of global awareness, cross cultural skills, communication and collaboration skills.

Other overseas learning trips in November include:

Programme Destination
a)       Student Leader Overseas Service Learning & Immersion Trip, 11 – 15 Nov


Phnom Penh, Cambodia
Programme Destination
b)       Student Leader Overseas Learning Trip, 2 – 4 Nov


Johor Bahru, Malaysia
c)       Indonesia-S’pore Student Leadership Adventure Camp, 5 – 9 Nov


Batu, East Java, Indonesia


  1. Graduation Night 2017

The Class of 2017will be holding their Graduation Night at Carlton Hotel on 21 Nov from 6.45 pm to 10.30 pm.  Co-organised with the Peirce Parent Support Group, the event aims to allow our graduating students to celebrate and bid farewell to their secondary school journey.  We wish the participants a memorable evening.


  1. Travel Declaration

You can inform the school of your child/ward’s overseas travel plans for Nov/Dec school vacation on our school homepage at or download a copy of the form for your use.  Hard copies are also available from the school General Office.

As part of our effort to ensure the well-being of our staff and students, we advise that if your child is unwell with flu like symptoms upon return from overseas vacation to seek medical attention and return only on expiration of medical certificate and upon full recovery.

Parents can update the school should there be any change in the travel plans.  It is important that information you provide us on your child / ward’s travel plans is as accurate and current as possible.  Please contact the General Office at 64576454 should you need to update us with the necessary details.

  1. Financial Assistance for 2018

Students who wish to apply for financial assistance for 2018 can obtain the application form from the General Office and submit the completed form with the relevant documents as soon as possible.


  1. Special Arrangement for 2018 GCE Exams

A student with physical disability (e.g. hearing impairment, visual impairment, colour-blindness) or learning disability (e.g. dyslexia, Autism Spectrum Disorder, ADHD) which may adversely affect his/her performance in the GCE examination may request for special arrangements during the examination.

Parents are required to submit updated Psychological / Medical Reports by qualified professionals to their child’s form teacher by mid Jan 2018 for submission to Singapore Exams and Assessment Board (SEAB).  Please note that Psychological / Medical Reports (except colour vision deficiency) submitted during your child’s Primary School education will not be valid anymore. The outcome of the application will be made known in April 2018.

Parents are to note that certain special arrangements will be annotated in the student’s GCE Exam certificate.

  1. Temperature Taking Exercise Jan 2018

As part of continued preparedness in activating temperature taking when necessary, we will be conducting the above exercise in the first week of Term 1 on Friday, 5 January 2018.

  1. Contact Details Update

The school needs to be informed as soon as there are changes in your child / ward’s contact details or guardianship, i.e. contact number and address of child, guardian or parents.  Please obtain a form from the General Office to provide us with the updates when necessary.

  1. Attire and Grooming for School

The school reopens for Term 1 on Tue, 2 Jan 2018 and morning ceremony begins at 7.25 am.  We seek your support in ensuring your child’s readiness for school with suitable grooming and school attire.  We wish to highlight that upper secondary boys’ trousers must be worn at the waist, and sufficiently long to cover the ankles.  Its width should not be altered to be tapered for a slim fit.  Girls should wear their skirts at the waist and be at knee length.  Plain white socks or school socks must be worn visible at least 2 fingers-width above the highest edge of the shoes at all times. More details are available from the Student Handbook link on the school website.

  1. Road Safety

We advise parents whose children come to school by private transport to let them alight past the main school gate at the left most road lane at 10, Sin Ming Walk.  It is unsafe for your child to alight along Upper Thomson Road near the school back gate where there are designated bus lane hours with heavy traffic during peak hours.

  1. Parents in Education (PiE)

Parents may access the Parents in Education (PiE) website at for resources to help you better support the education and development of your children. It contains articles on parenting tips, educational news, information on the school curriculum, and resources for parents to support their children’s learning at home.  A link on the school’s website provides quick access to the PiE website.