Peircean ParentLine

Vol 1 – May 2018

Dear Parents,

Transition support has been and will be the key focus for this year. The school is committed to ensure that all students, especially those in the upper secondary classes, adapt, thrive and succeed in the new merged school.

There have been changes to school reporting times, curriculum structure and staff. The school has communicated the rationale for the changes to students. We have also communicated with parents in letters and Meet-Parent Sessions. We would like to thank parents for their feedback, understanding and support.

All students have just completed their first semestral examination. For students who have done well, congratulations and well done! For students who have yet to achieve their potential, we encourage you to reflect on your goals for the year, and make adjustments for progress and improvement. For the upcoming June holidays, take time to honour your plans and actions, and take advice from parents and teachers.

There will be a Meet-Parent Session on Friday 25 May for all Sec 1 – 3 and selected Sec 4 & 5 students. We hope that parents can make time to meet with form and subject teachers to better understand your child’s holistic development in school.

In addition to academic endeavours, our students have participated actively in CCA, House Practices as well as Enrichment Programmes.

For CCA, our Uniformed Groups and Sports Groups have achieved, through teamwork, perseverance and tenacity, awards for themselves and their teams. However, what is more important is that we also acknowledge and celebrate the hard work and effort put in by all students into their CCA, regardless of any awards won. For it is through CCA that our students learn to embrace new challenges, apply positive values and life-skills, and pursue excellence in all they endeavour.

Our Cross-country held on Friday 23 March, was an event participated by all students. There were also many parents who joined in the fun, as well as students from Pathlight. We thank parents whose enthusiasm and role-modelling showed students that parents care about health and fitness activities that promote family and community bonding.

During the last week of Term 2, exciting programmes were planned and organised for Sec 1 - 3 students to enrich their school experiences through learning of new skills and forging quality relationships with peers and teachers. Our Sec 1 students had ‘Growth Mindset’, mBot and Drones workshops, as well as class picnics in the park. Our Secondary 2 students went for a 3D2N Adventure Camp at Safra Yishun where they did dragon-boating and high elements. Our Sec 3 students carried out different Sports Resilience activities, including Laser Tag, Bowling, Trampoline, Bubble Bump etc.

The Sec 4E and 5N students however, were kept in school with intensive revision programmes to prepare them for the national examinations. 8-(

Semester 2 promises to be equally eventful. Top on the list of key events will be our Speech Day Celebrations as well as Teachers’ Day and National Education Commemorative events.

We thank all parents for their partnership in working with the school in educating students in knowledge and skills, and developing character. We look forward to your continued support.

Have a wonderful June Holiday with family and loved ones! 

Fax Mentis Incendium Gloriae
Mrs Betty Chow

  1. Informing School of Child/Ward’s Travel Plans

    We ask that you inform the school if your child/ward has plans to travel overseas this June vacation (26 May to 24 Jun) by accessing the school website at to fill in the declaration form or download a copy of the form for your use. Hard copies are also available from the school General Office.

    As part of our effort to ensure the well-being of our staff and students, we seek your cooperation to seek medical attention for your children should they develop flu-like symptoms after return from overseas travel and keep them at home until they have fully recovered.

  2. Direct School Admission (Sec) 2018

    Peirce is a participating school in the Direct School Admission Exercise 2018 providing two distinctive programmes; (i) Developing Community Leaders with the Heart to Serve through Uniformed Groups and (ii) Broadcast Journalism. Primary 6 students who are interested in any of the two programmes can now apply for a place with us in next year’s Sec 1 classes. We welcome students who are interested in Broadcast Journalism or strengthening their personal qualities such as resilience, confidence, willingness to serve and an overall enriched school experience through participation in a uniformed group to join the school. The application period has opened and will run until Fri 20 July. More information can be found at our school website.

  3. Programme for Graduating Students

    a. Students sitting for the O level MTL exam on the 28 or 30 May underwent daily intensive revision programme between 19 and 24 May.
    b. As part of the school’s continued effort in helping your child achieve his/her optimal performance in the N or O level exams, the programme for 4NA, 4E and 5NA students will be carried out in Weeks 1 and 4 (28 May – 1 Jun, 18 - 22 Jun) of the June school vacation.

  4. CCA Holiday Training Sessions
    Some CCAs will be conducting holiday training sessions in June, especially those which are preparing for competitions and performances. Details of the sessions would be issued to the CCA members by the respective teachers in charge.
  5. Holiday Assignments
    Peirceans will keep in touch with their learning during the June holidays through the assignments posted on the school’s e-learning portal at or hard copies given by subject teachers.
    If your child/ward has no computer with internet access at home, the School Computer Lab 1 opens between 9 am to 12 noon during the period 31 May - 1 Jun and 18 - 22 Jun for your child to access and complete the holiday assignments. School rules and regulations apply to all students when they return to school during the school holidays.
  1. A*Star Science Award

    The award aims to recognise young Singaporean talent and provide opportunities for students to explore and deepen their interest in Science and research. It is open to Singaporean Sec 3 students who have excelled academically especially in English, Science and Mathematics subjects based on their Sec 2 overall results.
    We are pleased that Poh En Xi (3E1) and Nadiah Bte Halimshah (3E2) were recipients of the award. They will participate in a 3-day Research Exposure Programme (REP) organized by A*Star and the Science Centre during the school holidays. The programme will give awardees an insight into research work at A*Star and include hands-on research workshops tailored to the interests of the students. The award also grants an annual allowance of $500 to the awardees, subject to the completion of REP.

  2. Uniformed Groups (UGs) Unit Awards for Assessment Year 2017

    Congratulations to the UG teacher officers and students for their good performance in their respective annual unit assessment. The NCC Unit obtained Silver Award in the Best Unit Competition. The NPCC, Scouts and SJB achieved Gold awards in the Overall Proficiency Award, Frank Cooper Sands and Corp Achievement Award respectively.
    We are proud of the achievements of Station Inspector (NPCC) Poh Wanting Sheryl, 4E1 for being awarded the SPF-NPCC Badge, the pinnacle award in the Corps.

  3. Sports & Games
    We commend the teachers and students for their resilience and fine efforts in the National School Games Competitions. Congratulations to following teams / individuals:
    • Table Tennis B Div Boys for 3rd placing at the Zonal competition;
    • Rugby B Div for 3rd placing in the Bowl Competition; and
    • Choy Wayne 4E4 – Silver medallist in the Judo Championship.
  1. On 21 Mar, Sec 1 - 3 students stayed home to access lessons and assignments between 8am and 2pm posted by their subject teachers on the school’s e-portal at The online materials included lesson materials, online assignments, quizzes and surveys. Students’ attendance were recorded when they log onto the e-portal.

  2. Values in Action (VIA)

    Sec 1 students attended Design Thinking workshops in Term 1. After the training, some groups came up with ideas that could potentially be developed into products to help in improving our school environment, while others delved into the area of product innovation. The students will complete their projects and present their innovation journey in Term 3.

    Sec 2 classes attended Service Learning workshops learning about the needs of the community and elements of project management. The students then embarked on their VIA project in collaboration with Singapore National Cooperative Federation (SNCF), Food Bank Singapore Ltd, National Kidney Foundation (NKF) & Thomson Sin Ming Court RC.

    2E1 students attended lessons taught by the SNCF trainers on setting up a co-operative club in the school. During the sessions, they visited NTUC Warehouse Club to find out the items they can purchase and sell in school to raise funds for a suitable cause. In class, they learned marketing skills, creating a business plan, and managing finances.

    2E2 students are working with the Food Bank Singapore Ltd to raise awareness of food waste amongst the student population as well as do their part in preventing food waste by packing near-to-expiry food items in the warehouse which will then be distributed to welfare organisations.

    2E3 students held discussions on programmes to entertain kidney patients at dialysis sessions. NKF personnel will share with students, health tips to prevent diabetes.

    2A1 and 2A2 students are raising funds for needy students through sale of art and craft items produced by students to be sold at a flea market in collaboration with grassroots organisations.

    Sec 3 students walked with the elderly from Lion Befrienders Home while Sec 4 and 5 students wrapped food hampers for donation to the elderly from Lion Befrienders Home.

    For eight years running, partnership with the National Environment Agency (NEA) and Thomson Sin Ming Court RC provided opportunities for students to perform community services in the school’s neighbourhood on 26 May (Sat) from 8.30 am to 12 noon. Students would be involved in the neighbourhood newspaper collection activity to play a part in recycling and caring for our environment.

  3. Elective Modules (EMs)

    4 N(T) students attend the EM – Set Up Your Own Online Business from 21 – 24 May. The module aims to enhance and extend their learning of their N level subject – Retail Operations.

  4. Advanced Elective Modules (AEMs)

    Sec 3 students will be attending one of the 8 AEMs. AEM aims to enrich the secondary school curriculum with applied learning options, focuses on the practical application of knowledge and to help students discover their strengths and interests. These AEMs are: Starting Your Own F&B Business (23-26 Oct), Start Your Business Now (21-24 May for NA, 12-15 Nov for Express), Leisure Travel and Attractions Management (3-6 Sep for NA, 22-25 Oct for Express), Electronic Product Design (21-24 May for NA, 4-7 Jun for Express), Social Media In Action (22-25 Oct), Outsmart the Hacker! (23-26 Oct), Animate IT! (23-26 Oct), Appreciated art for inspiring designer (22-25 Oct). One group of students has attended Outsmart the Hacker! during the March holidays.

  5. Sec 2 Outdoor Education Camp

    Sec 2 students were involved in the above camp conducted between 21 and 23 May at SAFRA Yishun Adventure Centre. Campers were put to the challenge as they left their comfort zone to experience rugged activities like dragon boating, challenge rope course and rock climbing. Through these activities, the cohort is better bonded and experienced the value of teamwork!

  1. 1-Star Kayaking Course for UG Cadets

    Sec. 2 UG cadets will be attending the above on 28 and 30 May at the Marina reservoir.

  2. MOE-OBS Sec. 3 Programme

    Peirce Sec was selected for the above, which will be held from 30 May to 2 June. This is part of the National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan which the Ministry of Education (MOE) has put in place to strengthen the holistic development of all our students. The programme seeks to develop ruggedness, resilience, and build cohesion amongst our youths. We wish the participants an enjoyable and fruitful experience.

  3. Leadership Training Sessions, 18 to 19 Jun

    Student Councillors and CCA leaders will continue their leadership training and development journey during a 2-day non-residential camp. The programme will focus on application of their leadership knowledge and skills as participants engage in reflections on their leadership experiences thus far and plan for up and coming activities.

  4. Peirce Talent Time 2018

    The Music department is organising the above event in term to encourage Peirceans to develop their artistic interest and talent. Interested students will go through auditions on 20 and 25 July, and shortlisted contestants will perform on 30 Aug in conjunction with Teachers’ Day celebration in school.

  5. Temperature Taking Exercise Term 3, Week 1

    As part of school preparedness to reactivate the temperature taking regime should there be a need to, a temperature taking exercise will be conducted on Thu 28 Jun. Your child is required to bring his/her Oral Digital Thermometer on the second and third day of school next term for a thermometer checking exercise.