Peircean ParentLine

Vol 1 – May 2017

Dear Parents,

It is coming to the end of Term 2 and our students would have completed their mid-year examinations.

For students who have studied hard and done well in their exams, congratulations and well done! For students who have not performed well, we strongly urge them to use the June holidays wisely to catch up on the subjects that they need to improve on and be ready for Semester 2.

We also hope parents would take up the opportunity to meet with the Form teachers at the coming ‘Meet the Parents’ Session (26 May) to better understand your child’s performance in school.

Semester 1 has been rather hectic with students’ participation in the various CCAs & SYF competitions, House Practices as well as Enrichment Programmes.

In Semester 1, the key focus of the various Enrichment Programmes is to anchor the students with life skills and strong positive values.
These include workshops to develop a ‘Growth Mindset’ where students believe that he/she can improve with efforts and determination, workshops on positive teamwork, study skills and time management to guide students in managing the different demands of a busy secondary education.

Our ALP Enrichment Programmes focus on equipping students with creative problem solving skills to nurture budding entrepreneurs with the heart to serve the community. These include Design Thinking Workshops (Sec 1), Values-In-Action Project work (Sec 1 to 3) and Digital Story telling (Sec 1) to develop students to be confident communicators, a key skill for the 21cc citizens.

Semester 1 is also a hectic time for our students as they prepared and gave their best for both the SYF and National Sports competitions.
We are proud to announcement that our students have achieved commendable outcomes in SYF 2017, where our Dance, Choir and Drama attained Commendation Certificates. And for the first time, our School Band attained the Certificate of Distinction, a testament of our students’ dedication and talents.

Our students have also done fairly well in the various Sports CCA competitions. Our Table Tennis B and C Boys achieved Zonal 4th and 3th positions, 2 of our B Boys were Finalists in 800m & 1500m National Track & Field Competitions. While some of our Sports CCAs did not make it beyond the Zonal level, we are still very proud of them for their strong display of good sportsmanship and their resilience and determination to give their best.

During the last week of Term 2 after the Mid-Year Exam, a host of exciting programmes would organised for all our Sec 1 to 3 students to enrich their school experience and forge closer rapport among students and teachers. The Sec 3 would attend 3D2N Resilient Camp, while the Sec 1 and 3 would be involved in learning journeys and workshops.

The Sec 4E and 5N however would be busy with their intensive MTL programmes to ensure that they are well prepared for the GCE MTL Exam.

Semester 2 promises to be an equally exciting and eventful time for all students. Top on the list of the key events in Semester 2 will be our Speech Day Celebrations as well as other key events such as Youth Day, Teachers’ Day and National Education Commemorative events.
Our Secondary 2 students can also look forward to a 4D3N Resilience Camp at Dairy Farm. This camp is organised in collaboration with MOE CCEB.

Semester 2 is also the critical preparation period for the GCE and Final Term exams. The School will ensure that despite the many exciting programmes, our students will be able to balance their time effectively between the demands of academic and school events.
Together with the Year Heads and Form Teachers, we will keep our watchful eyes on the students to ensure that they will receive the support and guidance to excel in both academic and co-curriculum programmes.

It now leaves me to express my appreciation to parents who have attended the various school programmes in Semester 1, as well as worked hand in hand with the school to encourage and motivate our students to give their best in both academic studies and character development.

We look forward to your continued support to provide a value-added education to your child and wishing all a good School Term Break in June.

Fax Mentis Incendium Gloriae.
Mdm Lee Eet Fong

  1. Informing School of Child/Ward’s Travel Plans

    We ask that you inform the school if your child/ward has plans to travel overseas this June vacation (27 May to 25 Jun) by logging into AsknLearn portal via the school website to fill in the declaration form. At the AsknLearn website, follow the steps below:
    a. Click on ‘Tools’ then select ‘Travel Declaration’
    b. Click drop down box at ‘Travel Form’ and select ‘Self Declaration Travel Plan’
    c. Click ‘Yes’ button at ‘Travelling’
    d. Proceed to fill in the required cells.
    e. When the form is completed, click on the check box. Lastly, click on ‘save’.
    You can also access the declaration form or download a copy of the form for your use from the school’s homepage at Http:// Hard copies are also available from the school General Office.
    As part of our effort to ensure the well-being of our staff and students, we seek your cooperation to seek medical attention for your children should they develop flu-like symptoms and keep them away from school until they have fully recovered.
    We wish our students and their families a restful and healthy break during this June vacation.

  2. Direct School Admission (Sec) 2017

    Peirce is a participating school in the Direct School Admission Exercise 2017 providing two distinctive programmes; (i) Developing Community Leaders with the Heart to Serve through Uniformed Groups and (ii) Broadcast Journalism. Primary 6 students who are interested in any of the two programmes can now apply for a place with us in next year’s Sec 1 classes. We welcome students who are interested in Broadcast Journalism or strengthening their personal qualities such as resilience, confidence, willingness to serve and an overall enriched school experience through participation in a uniformed group to join the school. The application period has opened and will run until Fri 21 July. More information can be found at our school website.

  3. Exam Preparation Programme for Graduating Students

    a.) Students sitting for the O level MTL exam on the 29/30 May underwent daily intensive revision programme between 19 and 25 May.
    b.) As part of the school’s continued effort in helping your child achieve his / her optimal performance in the N and O level exams, the programme for all 4NA, 4E and 5NA students will be carried out in Weeks 1, 2 and 4 (31 May – 9 Jun, 19-22 Jun) of the June school vacation.

  4. CCA Holiday Training Sessions
    Some CCAs will be conducting holiday training sessions in June, especially those which are preparing for competitions and performances. Details of the sessions would be issued to the CCA members by the respective teachers in charge.
  1. A*Star Science Award

    The award aims to recognise young Singaporean talent and provide opportunities for students to explore and deepen their interest in Science and research. It is open to Singaporean Sec 3 students who have excelled academically especially in English, Science and Mathematics subjects based on their Sec 2 overall results.
    We are pleased that Elna Soon Yihui and Wong Shi Qin Leticia of 3E1 were recipients of the award. They will participate in a 3-day Research Exposure Programme (REP) organized by A*Star and the Science Centre during the school holidays. The programme will give awardees an insight into research work at A*Star and include hands-on research workshops tailored to the interests of the students. The award also grants an annual allowance of $500 to the awardees, subject to the completion of REP.

  2. Uniformed Groups (UGs)

    Congratulations to the UG teacher officers and students for their attainment in their respective annual unit assessment. The NCC Unit obtained Silver in the Best Unit Competition. The NPCC, Scouts and SJAB obtained Gold awards in the Overall Proficiency Award, Frank Cooper Sands and Corp Achievement Award respectively.

  3. Singapore Youth Festival Arts Presentation 2017
    All our four Performing Arts CCA participated in the recent biennial SYF Arts Presentation 2017. After months of hard work, members from these CCAs had the opportunity to showcase their fruits of labour. All the groups have done well and we want to thank and congratulate all the instructors, teachers in charge and members for their fine performances. Attaining the Certificate of Accomplishment are the Choir, Modern Dance and Drama and achieving the first ever Certificate of Distinction by any Peircean group is the Symphonic Band.
  1. E-Learning Day

    On 17 Feb, all Sec 1, 2 and 3A students stayed home to access lessons and assignments between 8am and 2pm posted by their subject teachers on the school’s e-portal at The online materials included lesson materials, online assignments, quizzes and surveys. Students’ attendance were recorded when they log onto the e-portal.

  2. 23rd Sports Carnival

    This biennial event aimed at promoting active living and bonding Peirceans, was successfully held at Yio Chu Kang Stadium on Fri 7 Apr. Both sporting and non-sporting activities were organised during the carnival to cater to various interest groups and thus maximize participation. Besides staff and students, the Parent Support Group was also actively involved in setting up the snack booth and prize giving.

  3. Values in Action (VIA)

    Sec 1 students attended Design Thinking workshops in Term 1. After the training, some groups came up with ideas that could potentially be developed into products to help the elderly, while others devised activities that could help delay the onset of potential illnesses like dementia. The students will complete their projects in Semester 1 and present their innovation journey after SA1 examinations.
    Sec 2 classes attended Service Learning workshops learning about the needs of the community and elements of project management. The students then embarked on their VIA project in collaboration with National Kidney Foundation (NKF), Housing Development Board (HDB) ‘Brooms-it’ Day, Singapore National Cooperative Federation (SNCF) as well as raising funds for needy students.
    2A1 students held discussions on programmes to entertain kidney patients at dialysis sessions. NKF personnel will share with students, health tips to prevent diabetes.
    VIA project for 2E1 began in February when students help spring clean the houses of needy families in 10 rental flats as well as brightening the day for the elderly at THK SAC@AMK 645. 2E1 is planning for a second VIA project in July with the same group of needy families.
    2E2 and 2A2 are raising fund for needy students through sale of art and craft items produced by students to be sold at a flea market in collaboration with grassroots organisations.
    2E3 students attended lessons taught by the SNCF trainers on setting up a co-operative club in the school. During the sessions, they visited Dignity Kitchen and Warehouse Club to learn about possibilities of collaboration with these organisations over the supply of produce for sale to raise funds for a suitable cause. In class, they learned marketing skills, creating a business plan, and managing finances.
    Sec 3 Express classes will exercise their entrepreneurship skills learnt when they attended an Advanced Elective Module (AEM) in October last year at the polytechnics. They will embark on a student-initiated VIA project to raise funds for a community of their choice. The projects should be completed in July.
    Five Sec 3N(A) students performed at the opening of the Kidney Discovery Centre graced by Guest-of-Honour Minister of Education (Schools) Mr Ng Chee Meng on 17 Apr. They sang the song they wrote to cheer and encourage patients to have a positive outlook and not give up hope and which was performed at the Pei Hwa Foundation-Kidney Dialysis Centre last year.
    Sec 4 students raised $4074.45 to buy essential food items which were donated to AWWA home for Seniors in Ang Mo Kio on 2 March 2017.
    On 10 Feb, 5A students organised an appreciation tea for the school contract cleaners and security guards. The event started with the students presenting the invitees with NTUC vouchers to show their appreciation for helping to keep the school compound clean and safe. The tea session also allowed students to interact with the cleaners and understand their difficulties of keeping the school clean.

  4. Elective Modules (EMs)

    3NA students completed one of the following EMs - Culinary, 4x4 Land Rover, Tourism & Hospitality and Games Design. They will be attending a 4-day EM at ITE from 4 – 7 July 2017 at College Central and College West. The selected modules are Making my First Computer, Retail Sales, Small Business Operations and Small Office Home Office.

  5. Financial Literacy Programme

    The programme held on 22 May for Sec 1 classes aimed to guide students on spending on needs and save on wants, saving from an early age, save first then spend and living within their means.

  6. Sec 3 Outdoor Education Camp

    The secondary 3 cohort attended a level camp from 22 to 24 May at the Boys Brigade campsite. Activities were held at Yishun SAFRA and the Marina Reservoir. The camp aimed to promote resilience in the campers as they engaged in rugged activities and communal living, out of their comfort zones. The cohort had a great bonding time not just amongst the students but with their Form Teachers and Year Heads as well.

  1. 1-Star Kayaking Course for UG Cadets

    Sec. 2 UG cadets will be attending the above during the school holidays on 29 and 31 May at the Marina reservoir.

  2. Active & Healthy Lifestyle (AHL) Programme

    The school is collaborating with Health Promotion Board (HPB) to conduct 9 sessions of aerobics-based activities such as Zumba and kickboxing, starting 23 May. These free 60-minute exercise sessions are open to all lower secondary students, particularly those who need to be physically more active.
    In addition, a 3-day non-residential camp will be organised on 1 to 3 June. During the camp, participants will be involved in various health related activities including healthy snack making. Parents are strongly encouraged to join their children on the last day, a Saturday morning, for a morning walk and learning some health tips from HPB.

  3. Advanced Study Skills and Motivation Programme

    We believe that students' social and emotional learning is as important as their academic learning. Thus, Sec 4E Year Head is kick starting the June holiday programme with a level bonding activity at Universal Studio Singapore on 31st May where students get some time to unwind from a semester of hard work and create memorable moments with their school mates. This is followed by a two-day advanced study skills workshop on 1st and 2nd June conducted by Adam Khoo Group. This two-day session is Part Two of the workshop students experienced earlier in January. At this advanced study skill workshop, students will learn energizing study techniques such as super memory and ways to curb procrastination.

  4. CCA Leadership Training Camp, 21 to 22 Jun

    Sec. 3 CCA leaders will attend a 2-day camp in school. The programme aims to help student leaders to enhance and apply their leadership knowledge and skills as participants engage in review and reflections of their leadership experiences. They will also be engaged in planning for upcoming activities.

  5. Sec. 2 Outdoor Adventure Camp

    Sec 2 students will be involved in the above camp, which is part of the National Outdoor Adventure Education Masterplan which MOE has put in place to strengthen the holistic development of students. The programme seeks to develop ruggedness, resilience, and build cohesion amongst our students. The camp will be conducted from 4 to 7 Jul at the Dairy Farm Outdoor Adventure Learning Centre.

  6. June Holiday Assignments

    Peirceans will keep in touch with their learning during the June holidays through the assignments posted on the school’s e-learning portal at
    If your child/ward has no computer with internet access at home, the School Computer Lab 1 opens between 9 am to 12 noon during the period 31 May -2 Jun and 19-23 Jun for your child to access and complete the holiday assignments. School rules and regulations apply to all students when they return to school during the school holidays..

  7. Peirce Idol 2017

    The event to be held in Term 3 will provide the musically inclined cum enthusiasts a platform to showcase their talents. Participants will have to go through a Preliminary round on 11 Jul, shortlisted contestants will qualify for semi-finals on 26 Jul. Four soloists and group performances each will qualify for the Finals on 8 Aug.

  8. Temperature Taking Exercise Term 3, Week 1

    As part of school preparedness to reactivate the temperature taking regime should there be a need to, a temperature taking exercise will be conducted on Fri 30 Jun. Your child is required to bring his/her Oral Digital Thermometer on the second day of school next term for a thermometer checking exercise.