Letter to Parents For Sec 1 Registration 2018

20 December 2018
Dear Parents/ Guardian,

Welcome to our Peirce family!
This letter provides you with some information about the school, such as our programmes and activities for Secondary One students when school re-opens. The contents of this letter can be found on the school website at http://www.peircesec.moe.edu.sg. You may also refer to the Student Handbook which will be given to students in the first week of school, or contact the school office at 64576454.

  1. Reporting time and venue on first day of school

Students are to report on Wed 2 Jan 2019 by 0720 hrs in the parade square. Our student leaders will then bring them to the school hall to be welcomed by the school population, followed by the flag-raising ceremony. Students need not bring textbooks on the first day of school. They should bring stationery, a story book and a water bottle.


  1. Programme for Secondary One Students

The school has planned the following programmes and activities to familiarise your child/ ward to Peirce Secondary School. We seek your support in ensuring your child’s/ ward’s attendance at these events.

Date Time (hrs) Activity Remarks for students
Wed 2 Jan 0730-1410 Admin and Orientation Report by 0720 hrs and assemble at the parade square
Thu 3 Jan 0730-1410 Secondary One Orientation PE Attire required
Fri 4 Jan 0730-1240 Normal Lessons Refer to Class Timetable given out on 3 Jan 2019
Mon 7 Jan 1445-1745 CCA Talent Scouting Exercise Lunch break at 1400 hrs.

Assemble at 1430 hrs @ School Hall in PE attire.

Tue 8 Jan 1430-1730 Diagnostic test for HCL

(For students who intend to take Higher Chinese)

Report to HCL room at level 2 (B2-01A).
Fri 11 Jan 1600-1700  

CCA Orientation cum Recruitment


Report to Performance Theatrette for a talk and guided tour by student leaders.
1700-1745 Explore CCA booth Parents/guardians are invited to view various CCA booths with their child/ ward.
1745-1820 Dinner Dinner in the canteen.

(Light dinner to be served in school hall for parents/ guardian)

1830-2030 Welcome Talk for Secondary One Refer to Annex D for details
  1. Curriculum Structure

The curriculum structure delineates the duration of formal lessons and the recess break for students each day. The details of the curriculum structure are found in Annex A while the information on the subjects offered to secondary one students are detailed in Annex B.

All students are expected to be in school at 0720 hrs, except Monday, for morning assembly. In order to provide students time to bond with family, the school has designated Monday as late start day, except during examination periods. The reporting time for Monday is 0820 hrs.

Please note that formal curriculum ends at 1410 hrs on Mon–Thu, and 1240 hrs on Fri. The school reporting times and venues are as follows.

Day Curriculum Time (hrs) Reporting Time Assembly Venue
Mon 0830-1410 0820 hrs Parade Square
Tue, Wed, Fri 0730-1410 0720 hrs School Hall
Thu 0730-1410 0720 hrs Parade Square

Other than recess, students have a snack break Mon – Thu. We encourage students to bring nutritious dry foods such as wheat biscuits, whole-grain bars and dried fruit for consumption during snack breaks. Only plain water is allowed in classrooms.

  1. Attendance and Punctuality

The school monitors the attendance and punctuality of students closely. Whenever a student is absent from school, parents/ guardian will be notified via message. Late-coming and truancy are promptly dealt with by the student management committee. Counseling, parent conferences, detention after school, demerit points, adverse conduct grade, suspension from school, and expulsion due to wilful absenteeism is the progression of severity in measures meted out.

Should parents/ guardian need to take their child/ ward out of school during term time for any reason, please write in formally to the school through your child’s/ ward’s form teacher. Such requests will be considered on a case-by-case basis.

  1. School Uniform and Attire

All students are required to wear the prescribed school uniform; modifications to the uniform are strictly not allowed. We advise parents to purchase 2 sets of school uniform, and 3 sets of PE attire. Students are to take note that shirts and blouses are to be tucked in at all times to present a neat and orderly appearance.

Parents/ guardian may refer to Annex C for the schedule of the sale of textbooks and uniforms as well as other administrative matters for your child/ ward.

  1. Co-curricular Activities (CCA) and Values-in-Action (VIA)

CCA is a key component at Peirce in developing our students towards the school’s vision of Resilient Learners and Gracious Citizens. The CCA programme is designed to provide the learning experiences for students to develop sound values, resilience and socio-emotional competencies. Good CCA Levels of Attainment are useful when your child applies for post-secondary institutions. For students seeking admission to ITE/ Polytechnics/ Junior Colleges, 2 bonus points are available for an ‘Excellent’ co-curricular attainment and 1 bonus point for a ‘Good’ co-curricular attainment.

Values-in-Action (VIA) are compulsory activities that your child has to participate in at Peirce as part of the holistic education and character development that we provide. When your child/ ward participates actively in CCA & VIA, they will learn important values like responsibility, care and empathy; life skills such as teamwork, and leadership qualities.

  1. Welcome Talk for Secondary One Parents and Students

At Peirce, we value the relationship with parents/ guardian as co-partners in our efforts to provide a fulfilling and enriching school experience for each child. As such, we are organising a session to engage the parents/ guardian on the various school programmes provided to enrich your child’s secondary one educational experiences. We strongly encourage parents/ guardian to attend this session and to meet up with the teachers and school management team.

The details of the Welcome Talk are as follows:

Date :              11 Jan 18, Friday

Time :              1830 -2030

Venue :            Peirce Secondary School Hall

Kindly indicate your attendance on the response slip in Annex D.

  1. Peirce Parent Support Group (PPSG)

The PPSG would like to invite you to a welcome tea and a talk on transition into secondary school. The session provides you with an opportunity to interact with PPSG committee members and other parents.  You could learn more about the PPSG programmes for parents and their children.  You could also clarify on matters related to academic or non-academic areas.

The details of the Welcome Tea with PPSG are as follows:

Date :              26 Jan 19, Saturday

Time :              0900 to 1230

Venue :            Peirce Secondary School

Kindly indicate your attendance for this event on the response slip in Annex E.

We look forward to your active partnership with us in your child’s/ ward’s journey towards excellence!

Annex A
Annex B
Annex C
Annex D

Yours Sincerely,

Mrs Stephanie Lee
Year Head for Lower Secondary