Health & Fitness (H&F) Week

Conducted in the last week of Term 3, the Health & Fitness (H&F) Week aims to celebrate and remind Peirceans the importance of healthy living. During this period, the PE department and a team of student leaders organize activities to actively engage Peirceans in body and mind. Some of the activities include inter-class games, inter-CCA challenges, health quiz, Staff versus Students 1-minute challenge and Learn @ Peirce modules. Learn @ Peirce are short exposure physical activities conducted by external instructors, examples of such courses are inline skating, muay thai, k-pop dance and archery. The H & F Week culminates in the All Children Exercising Simultaneously (ACES) Day workout. On ACES Day, Peirceans are reminded of the importance of eating fruits and drinking water. Everyone brings a fruit and eat together before the workout. The workout is usually a mass walk at Bishan Park.