e-Open House 2020

Come join us at Peirce Secondary School’s e-Open House via our webinars from 26 to 28 November 2020. Each webinar comprises two segments: (1) a presentation of our school’s learning culture and holistic programmes; and (2) a Q&A segment where participants can find out more information to facilitate their child/ward’s secondary school option decision-making. Our dedicated team of Year Heads, Heads of Department, School Counsellors and SEN specialists will be available to answer your queries.  We have included a step-by-step guide to making decisions on secondary school options for you too. Deciding on an ideal school to meet the needs of your child/ward may not be an easy process. We, at Peirce Secondary School, will offer as much assistance as possible to make the process a fuss-free one.

  1. Join us at one of our e-Open house webinars https://go.gov.sg/pss-eopenhouse.
  2. If you have questions for us, submit your queries https://go.gov.sg/contact-pss.

e-Open House Slides