DIRECT SCHOOL ADMISSION EXERCISE 2018 (For Secondary One Intake in 2019)

  1. Distinctive Programmes

Peirce Secondary School is providing experiences with the focus on:

  1. Developing Community Leaders with the Heart to Serve through Uniformed Groups


The Uniformed Groups (UGs) in Peirce Secondary is an important part of the Peircean community where the total membership forms almost a third of the student population. Vibrant and energetic, we see Uniformed Groups as one of our pillars of character development and leadership education at Peirce. They provide experiences for all-round holistic development of Peirceans to achieve our vision of ‘Resilient Achievers, Responsible Citizens’.

Currently there are four uniformed groups in the school:

  • National Cadet Corps (Land) - Boys
  • National Police Cadet Corps
  • Scouts
  • St John Brigade

We are proud of the growth and development of our Uniformed Groups which have consistently attained good achievements all these years.

We are looking for students who can contribute to building our Learning for Life Programme (LLP) in character and leadership development through the Uniformed Groups. Students who wish to be part of the Peircean experience should apply via the 2018 Direct School Admission Exercise.

Qualifying Criteria

  • Leadership

A student leader in primary school, preferably in a Uniformed Group (although other co-curricular leadership experiences may be considered).

  • Physical Fitness
  1. Attained at least a Bronze Award in the latest NAPFA test
  2. Is medically fit to participate in outdoor activities
  • Character

A disciplined and confident student with a conduct grade of at least ‘Good’ in his/her Primary 5 and Primary 6 school reports.

  1. Broadcast Journalism

Broadcast Journalism is offered through the Applied Learning Programme (ALP).  The programme offers authentic learning experiences using English Language in the various aspects of broadcast journalism. By integrating information technology (IT) and English Language lessons, students embark on a range of multi-media journalistic projects which engage and hone their language skills through their advocacy on social issues. This current affairs approach enables deep learning and better appreciation of the relevance of language learning in the real world. It also encourages keenness for current affairs and general knowledge as the students engage themselves in extensive research, interview and presentation of their news findings. Through this programme, students grow to be collaborative learners and confident speakers.  Students can also look forward to meeting journalists and/or news presenters with Channel News Asia and hear first-hand from people in the journalism industry.

Qualifying Criteria

We are looking for enthusiastic P6 students who

  • possess accomplishments in journalism, drama, debating, public speaking, speech-writing, publications and/or other related skills and competencies;
  • demonstrate keen interest in current affairs, both local and global.

Shortlisted candidates will present a portfolio of the above in an interview and be assessed on confidence and quality in oral presentation.

  1. Application Procedures
  1. Students currently not studying in MOE schools are required to obtain a Registration Number from MOE Customer Service Centre before submitting a DSA Application Form.
  1. Submission of Application

The different application forms for focus I and II respectively, are available from the School General Office. Please complete the relevant form and submit it to Peirce Secondary School, 10 Sin Ming Walk, Singapore 575566.


Download Form I (focus I)  or Form II  (focus II) and submit the completed form through email at

  1. Please submit the application by Friday, 20 July 2018 accompanied by relevant supporting documents. For enquiries, please call the General Office at 64576454.
  1. Selection Details
  1. The school will contact short listed candidates by Friday, 27 July 2018.
  1. Short-listed candidates will attend an interview and a selection trial on Tuesday, 14 August 2018.
  1. All short-listed candidates will be informed of the result of their application (confirmation of DSA offer / placement on DSA waiting list / unsuccessful application) via email by Thursday, 30 August 2018.