1.  Department Teachers

Name Email Address
Mr Dennis Goh Chun Loong (HOD Mathematics)
Mr Cheng Shing Kim (Year Head (Upper Sec))
Mdm Mrs Khet-Hoo Yiin Hwa (School Staff Developer)
Mr Mathi Vanan (HOD IT & MR)
Mr Eugene Lim Yeok Jin (Assistant Year Head)
Mrs Lin-Lee Mei Chen Cheryl (SH Mathematics)
Mr Tan Tai Ngah (Assistant Year Head)
Mdm Loh Hwee Hwa (ST Principles of Accounts)
Ms Nai Chheu Yee (ST Mathematics)
Mrs Chia-Ng Jia Lin Hana
Mdm Chua Weilin
Mdm Sin Boon Yiah
Mr Lin Kuen Ping
Mr Chan Jie Yong

2. Department Programmes

The Maths Department focuses on 3 key approaches to enrich the learning of Maths for our students:

a.) Curriculum and Programmes : Our programmes are designed with the objectives to equip students with the necessary Mathematical skills and concepts for everyday life and for continuous learning in Mathematics and other disciplines. We also believe that Peirceans should be creative and enjoy the journey of learning Mathematics and develop the skills to reason logically, and to learn cooperatively and independently.

b.) Learning Experiences : As part of our teaching approach, we want to create meaningful Learning Experiences in our classroom teaching. Through the infusion of Learning Experiences, students can find meaning in Mathematics and take greater ownership of their learning. The activities will also help students build confidence and foster interest in Mathematics and see the relevance of Mathematics in real life examples.

c.) Formative Assessment : It is important to have a balanced assessment system where both Assessment for Learning and Assessment of Learning are present. In our Mathematics Lessons, effective Formative Assessment strategies are incorporated to check for students’ understanding of the concepts taught. Through these strategies, effective and timely feedback can be given to help students to learn better and student can see successes regularly in the classrooms.

Some of the formative assessment strategies include the use of:

  • Mini whiteboard
  • Socrative Apps, which help teachers to gather real time feedback

d.) Other Key Programmes :

Mathematics Week
This is an annual event in which Peirceans learn about Mathematics beyond the classroom in fun and creative ways. The activities include Mathematics Fair and Mathematics Game Show.

Enrichments: Rubriks Cube training, Chess and Wei Qi Enrichment, MasterMind

Enrichments: Eureka
Eureka is a programme specially design for the Lower Secondary students and it focuses on the use of outside classroom activities to create a positive influence on students’ attitude towards Mathematics which is indeed one of the aims of Mathematics education in schools. Through this event, students will be able to use appropriate mathematical concepts and skills to solve problems in everyday life and real world context. From the different learning stations and interaction with their teachers and peers, students have great fun and enriching experience in their learning of mathematics.

e.) Achievements :

Talent Management Program

To give opportunities for all Peirceans to fulfil their potential in Mathematics and learn beyond the classrooms.

Students who showed a key aptitude for Mathematics are given opportunities to participate in training programs and taking part in prestigious Mathematics Competitions. The competitions are The Australian Mathematics Competition and Singapore Mathematics Olympiad.


Singapore Mathematical Olympiads Competition 2016

Our Honourable Mention recipients:
Elna Soon Yihui (2E2)
Soh Jun Jie (2E2)

Singapore Mathematical Olympiads Competition 2017

Our Honourable Mention recipients:
Ya Chen Yao (2E3)

2016 Australian Mathematics Competition

Our Distinction Award recipients:
Ya Chen Yao (1E3)
Dang Nguyen Thien (1E3)
Ng Jing Heng (1A2)
Ameer Mustajab Bin Zaharin (1E1)
Erin Quraisyah Binte Mohameed Razali (1E2)
Foong Jingxuan Janelle (1E3)
Iain Frederic Choo (1E3)
Loh Ming Cheng (1E2)

2017 Australian Mathematics Competition

Our Distinction Award recipients:
John Vinculado Rosado Iv (1E1)
Johann Ngew (1E1)

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