1.  Department Teachers

Name Email Address
Mr Dennis Goh Chun Loong (HOD Mathematics)
Mrs Lin-Lee Mei Chen Cheryl (SH Mathematics)
Ms Nai Chheu Yee (ST Mathematics)
Mdm Loh Hwee Hwa (ST Principles of Accounts)
Mdm Mrs Khet-Hoo Yiin Hwa (School Staff Developer)
Mr Cheng Shing Kim (Year Head (Upper Sec))
Mr Mathi Vanan (HOD ICT)
Mr Ang Keng Kiat (HOD CCE)
Mr Eugene Lim Yeok Jin (Assistant Year Head)
Mr Tan Tai Ngah (Assistant Year Head)
Mrs Chia-Ng Jia Lin Hana
Mdm Chua Weilin
Mdm Sin Boon Yiah
Mr Lin Kuen Ping
Mr Chan Jie Yong
Ms Jasmine Yap
Mrs Loh- Wong Wai Ling
Mr P Sivapathasundaram
Ms Arion Lai Jiahui
Ms Lee Peiyi
Mdm Ang Siow Kuan
Mdm Joscelyn Lee Hwee Lin

2. Department Programmes

The Department focuses on the following approaches to enrich the learning of Mathematics of our students:

a) Curriculum: Our curriculum designed to equip students with useful Mathematical skills and concepts for everyday life and for continuous learning in Mathematics and other disciplines. Students will also develop skills to reason logically, and learn to work cooperatively as well as independently. The pedagogies employed include:

  • effective use of Mathematics talk moves
  • co-creating success criteria with students
  • differentiated approach and assignments in a mixed ability class environment

b) Learning Experiences: In classroom teaching, we strive to create meaningful Learning Experiences, for students to find joy and relevance in Mathematics learning and see purpose in taking ownership of their learning.

The activities include:

  • students collaborating on Mathematical Tasks
  • students taking part in Problems in Real World Context (PRWC) activities and competitions

c) Formative Assessment: Regular formative assessments for learning are conducted during classroom lesson to inform students on their learning. They provide feedback on areas for improvement and follow up for progressive understanding and successes in the learning process. Some formative assessment strategies include the use of:

  • Mini whiteboards with hinge point questions
  • Online tools e.g. Kahoot, Classkick which facilitate real time 2 way feedback
  • Exit passes and quizzes

d) Enrichment Programmes: We believe that learning of Mathematics should not be restricted to only classrooms and students must be given opportunities to learn Mathematics beyond the classroom in fun and creative ways The Mathematics department, provides students opportunities to participate in various enrichment activities including:

  • Online Mastermind Program
  • Mathematics Coding for Secondary 1 students
  • Australian Mathematics Competition (AMC)
  • Singapore Mathematics Olympiad (SMO) competition

All Singapore Secondary Mathematics Competition Normal Course Students

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