English, Lit. & Drama

1. Department Teachers

Name Email Address
Ms Chua May Ling, Diana (HOD English Language & Literature) chua_may_ling_diana@moe.edu.sg
Ms Hong Wee Fui hong_wee_fui@moe.edu.sg
Ms Lee Peiyi lee_peiyi@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Kavitha D/O Supramaniam kavitha_supramaniam@moe.edu.sg
Ms Noelene Liew Oi-Yin noelene_liew_oi-yin@moe.edu.sg
Ms Sek Li-En Grace sek_li-en_grace@moe.edu.sg
Mrs Jasmine Yau-Low Ngiap Lee low_ngiap_lee@moe.edu.sg
Miss Lee Xiu-Ping lee_xiu-ping@moe.edu.sg
Mdm Ramasamy Amirtham Ammal ramasamy_amirtham_ammal@moe.edu.sg

2. Department Programmes

Cultivates a vibrant reading culture amongst the students
Enables students to become lifelong readers who read for pleasure and across genres
Enhances students’ general knowledge and encourages them to keep abreast with current affairs

The students are encouraged to visit the school library which offers a myriad of good reading resources of varied genres. The students also subscribe to magazines which not only offer a wealth of knowledge to these young budding minds, but also make available student activities that are aligned with the EL syllabus to encourage self-directed learning.

Focus: Journalism
To provide students with an authentic platform to put the language skills they learn in the classroom to practice
Exposes students to the journalism industry

Sec 1: Digital Story-Telling
Skills learnt include – storyboarding, narration and animation
Authentic opportunities to convey information and ideas coherently for specific purposes and contexts

Sec 2: Broadcast Journalism
Skills learnt include – deciding on newsworthy topics, scripting, news presentation, interview skills
Opportunities to work in groups and film news presentation in a recording studio

Sec 3: Photo Journalism
Skills learnt include – planning a photo story to advocate a cause, basic photography skills for focus and impact, succinct writing to support photo stories
Opportunities to do research and enhance general knowledge, current affairs and exposure to social issues

The three-year ALP offers a unique opportunity for the students to learn the English Language in an authentic way via a multi-modal approach – text, visual, audio and speech – which enhances student engagement.