Curriculum Programme

Subject Combinations

The school offers a range of subject combinations providing flexibility and choice for students to suit their intellectual interests and aptitude in various disciplines. 38 separate combinations were taken by students of our Secondary 3 Express classes in 2009; 44 combinations in 2010; 29 combinations in 2011; and 47 combinations in 2013.

Peirce Secondary currently offers Higher Mother Tongue to students; and allows students in the Normal Academic course to take Additional Mathematics for the GCE ‘O’ level examinations (based upon assessed aptitude). We have also been granted approval to offer Drama as an ‘O’ level subject with effect from 2007. Pupils can also offer Music as an ‘O’ level subject but will have to travel to a centralized music centre for lessons on designated afternoons.


Key beliefs that underpin teaching and learning at Peirce are:

  • Learning through construction of meaning
  • Authentic contexts to engage learners with the world
  • Team learning recognizes and harnesses the social aspect of learning

A few of the classrooms are designated ‘Learning Centres’ where materials and resources can be consolidated by respective academic departments and breakout sessions for differentiated ability groups can be conducted.


One of our school’s focus areas is Curricular Innovation in line with the “Every Student, an Engaged Learner” philosophy. The school’s teaching and learning model is built around the PETALS framework (Pedagogy, Experiences of Learning, Tone of Environment, Assessment and Learning Content). It aims to impact pupil attitudes, ability and ambition in order to raise pupil achievement.

The school was among the first to be selected as a TLLM (Teach Less Learn More) Prototype school to be provided additional resources for School-based Innovation by the Education Ministry. In the current phase, our teachers are engaged in Professional Learning Comunities to distill insights for improved classroom practices. Departments are also exploring Cooperative Learning and Assessment for Learning approaches to increase pupil engagement and achievement. Our teachers have presented their work at zonal and national platform e.g. Teachers’ Conference, MOE ExCEL Fest.