Student Leadership

Student Leadership


To enhance the leadership potential of every pupil.

Key Approaches and Strategies

All Student Leaders will go through various levels of Student Leadership (SL) training and involvement in SL led activities throughout their 4 to 5 years in the school. The objective of this is to allow students to attain a higher level of leadership skill as they progress. The Student Leaders will create a positive learning culture through role modelling the desired behaviour and internalising within themselves the school’s core values.

A Student Leadership Development Plan ensures that student leaders are provided with the opportunities to be trained, involved, deployed and to lead according to their respective levels. Nominated Sec 2 CCA and Class leaders will undergo a Sec 2 Training Camp in June to equip them with leadership skills and to assess their capabilities, competencies and suitability as Student Leaders. The training sessions are conducted by the SL Committee with the Sec 3 Student Leaders as facilitators.

Using the 3H Approach (Head, Heart and Hands), all SL programs are designed to Educate the mind, Engage the heart and Empower the hands of our student leaders so that they are able to exemplify the highest standards of our Vision of Peirceans who are Resilient Achievers and Responsible Citizens. Student Leaders attend workshops and courses to equip themselves with leadership skills and competencies. But more importantly, our Student Leaders are provided with structured platforms to lead, plan and execute school events and programmes such as camps, Sec 1 Orientation, Student Dialogue and other programmes and will received guidance from teachers to grow and develop into effective leaders as well as role models who are well respected by their peers.

Student leaders are also allocated duties at the beginning of the year and monitored by teachers in the SL Committee. The student leaders’ appointments to the various school and SL activities are also fixed. Student Leaders are briefed on the roles and responsibilities of the various appointments.


Basic and Advanced Leadership Courses will be provided for the Secondary 2 and 3 Class Committee Members and CCA leaders. The courses are customized and conducted by external vendors, as well as teachers in the SL Committee.

With teachers from the Student Leadership Committee acting as mentors, Sec 3 Student Leaders will supervise the entire Sec 2 cohort in the completion of the 4 sections of the award programme leading to the NYAA (Bronze). In turn, the Sec 2 pupils will graduate to become Sec 3 Student Leaders and will play an important role in guiding the next batch of Sec 2 cohort to attain the award.

In the long term, this leadership platform created for Sec 3 Student Leaders to lead and bond with the Sec 2 cohort would have a strong and positive impact on the overall school climate of Respect, Care and Concern among the student body.

The programme will help Peirceans experience success that will in turn enhance their self-esteem. It will also develop in them a sense of belonging, pride and love for the school.