Student Leadership


All Peirceans are RESILIENT and GRACIOUS leaders


To provide a holistic leadership development for student leaders so that they are grounded with sound (school) values and equipped with relevant leadership knowledge cum skills to lead fellow Peirceans.

Key Approaches and Strategies

The student leadership structure offers a few tracks, the key ones being appointments in the Student Council, Class Committee and CCA Leaders. Student Councilors and CCA Leaders form the Student Leadership Board (SLB). Differentiated leadership development is provided to help all leaders receive baseline training while stretching some for more advanced development. The leadership training programme aims to equip leaders with relevant knowledge and skills to enhance their leadership competencies and help them thrive in their leadership roles.

The SLB adopts the Student Leadership Challenge model and student leaders are guided by the five practices of Exemplary Leadership in their leadership journey. Besides, these leaders are also introduced to skills like project management, peer supporting, communication skills and risk assessment management.

SLB members work in teams to plan and execute projects and school events such as Sec 1 Orientation, Teacher’s Day celebration, Health & Fitness Week and other programmes. Through these involvements, they gain valuable experiential learning opportunities, benefit from peer interaction and build their confidence and leadership capacity.


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Ms Grace Sek                  (

Mrs Jasmine Yau             (

Ms Toh Xin Rong             (

Mr Ng Chenyee                (

Mr Benjamin Tan              (

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Mr Tan Tai Ngah                (

Ice-breaker activity for student leaders’ training session during the March holiday

Mr Ng going through the training framework with student leaders

An introduction to the 7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens

Student Leaders brainstorming for project idea

Student leaders at work on keeping the Gym equipment clean

EXCO members presenting their workplan to the Principal

Student leaders conducting the Recess Challenge during Health & Fitness Week

Student leaders running the Sec. 1 Orientation campfire

Student leaders engaged in service learning during an Overseas Learning Journey in Cambodia

Peer Support training for student leaders

Student leaders’ outing at the Botanic Gardens