School Environment Programme

Our school’s environment programme promotes active and responsible citizenship by involving our students in recycling and environment-related activities in school and within our community. Our school is committed to this Green clause as we believe this programme will instill good habits and values in Peirceans.

School Vision

Resilient Achievers, Responsible Citizens (RARC)

School Environment Mission

A thinking and caring Peircean who shows compassion towards our community and our environment.


  • Increase the awareness amongst Peirceans regarding current/existing environmental issues (e.g. the harmful effects of using plastic bags) and the importance of using less plastic bags in our everyday lives.
  • Encourage active participation within our school community in practicing the 3Rs (Reduce, Reuse & Recycle) as well as energy conservation.

Key Events

  1. Keep Peirce Clean Programme
  2. PUB Water Rationing Exercise
  3. Intra-School Newspaper Collection as part of Youth for Environment (YED) Celebration
  4. ABC Water Trail @ Bishan-Ang Mo Kio Park
  5. Biodiversity Week (Green Way) Celebration
  6. Neighbourhood Newspaper Collection with Thomson Sin Ming Court RC
  7. Environment Champion (EC) Workshop
  8. Assembly Talk on "Keeping our waters clean" by Waterways watch society