Applied Learning Programme

ALP (Applied Learning Programme)

ALP in Peirce serves to equip students with a entrepreneurship mindset and basic business skills through a vibrant Business & Entrepreneurship Development Programme.

Level Modules for explicit teaching of entrepreneurship skills Experiential learning and projects
Lower Sec
  1. Design Thinking concepts
  2. Basic marketing and budgeting skills
  3. Presentation skills (Show and Tell for Sec 1, Debating for Sec 2)
  4. Financial Literacy skills
  5. AEM for Sec 2 E
  1. Students will use the skills set learnt in implementing ViA projects.
  2. Showcase their ViA projects to P5 students from the cluster in October.
Sec 3
  1. Service learning camp at NACLI (partnership with PA) – Selected students
  2. Social Entrepreneurship programme (YSEP)
  3. Project “X” facilitated workshop with CDC
  1. Project “X”– VIA Community Programme Partnership with Central CDC
  2. YSEP – Partnership with MSF
  3. Showcase ViA projects to P5 students from the cluster in October
  4. External competition (ICE challenge) in Nov
Sec 1 & 2 – Design Thinking Workshop
Project “X” Presentation


EM (Elective module)

The EM module is a 30 h programme that provides opportunity for 3NA students to acquire fundamental skills and knowledge based on their chosen area of interest. The module includes a learning journey to expose them to various industries as well as performing a Community Involvement Project. At the end of the module, students develop confidence by showcasing what they have learnt to Sec 1 Normal students.

Semester 1 (30 h) Semester 2
  • Culinary with hospitality (Junior chef)
  • Small business operations (Retail)
  • Games developer
  • Sports Management
  • Baking
  • Automotive engineering and maintenance
  • Sports management
EM Learning Journey
Automotive engineering and maintenance at VICOM


AEM (Advanced elective modules)

Advanced Elective Module (AEM) is a 30-40 hours programme offered by the local polytechnics. AEM serves to broaden the learning experiences of our students through hands-on projects, discussions with industry practitioners and presentation of their projects to test their new-found knowledge and skill.

For Sec 2, the modules provide the students with understanding of basic concepts and practices in business and entrepreneurship. The students will apply what they learnt to their VIA projects next year.

Level Course
Sec 3E in June
(selected students)
  • Product Design and Development at Singapore Polytechnic
Sec 2E in October
  • Fundamentals of entrepreneurship at Singapore Polytechnic
  • Events Management at Singapore Polytechnic
  • Essentials of Marketing at Singapore Polytechnic
  • Innovations and startup marketing at Temasek Polytechnic
  • Basics of e-entrepreneurship at Temasek Polytechnic
  • A guide to business of food and beverage by Republic Polytechnic
  • Theme parks and attractions (Tourism) by Republic Polytechnic
Community Involvement Programme at All Saints Home
Flower Making Workshop