CCA Achievement





National School Games South Zone Table Tennis Competitions

Congratulations to both the C and B divisions boys table tennis teams for winning the 4th and 3rd position respectively. Well done, boys!

National School Games South Zone B Division Basketball Competition

Playing with great prowess and teamwork, our senior basketball team has managed to win 4th placing in the above competition and this is no easy feat. This achievement could be attributed to two dynamic players, Branson Tan and Jacky Lim of 5A2. We are very proud of the Team’s performance!

National School Games Rugby U-17 Bowl Category

The B division Rugby team has shown determination and grit during the above competition. Their good performance has helped them to secure a spot in the top four spots.


The B division Judo Girls Team comprising of Raeann Koh 4E1, Er Co Hoon 4E1, Samijon Yelena Isabel Flojo 3A2, Lim Si Ting 4E3 and Lebelle Ong 4A2, came in 3rd for the Team event. Raeann and Co Hoon won a bronze medal for the Individual Extra Light and Half Heavy category respectively while Yelena won the silver in the Individual Heavy category.

NCC – Unit Recognition 2018 - Distinction

NPCC – Unit Overall Proficiency Award : Bronze

Scouts - Gold in Frank Cooper Sands

SJB – Corps Achievement Award 2019 - Gold

Apl. Robotics – First Lego league competition: ‘The Programming Award’ – 2nd runner up( Yu Hsien, Wan Kai, Kesler, Jared, Jonathon Wong)

Robotics – Marine & Offshore competition:

Highest score in Payload award; Gold Award; Merit award

SYF Arts Presentation:

Band, Dance, Drama & Choir – Certificate of accomplishment

Show Choir:

Peirce Insanity won the Best Vocal Award, Diamond Award and Show Choir of the Year