Character & Citizenship Education

Character & Citizenship Education Programmes

The school’s CCE syllabus aims to shape students’ character, moral and citizenship development. The package incorporates components such as Life skills, Cyber wellness, Career Guidance, National Education and Sexuality Education.  Aside from following the guidelines and syllabus rolled by MOE, the CCE department also launched several initiatives which helped in developing our students to become more holistic individuals.


New Initiatives

In 2014, the CCE package has extended to include new components such as the ‘Family Unit’ project to enhance strong bonds between families. Another initiative is the 5-lesson experiential learning package by the PE department and the CCE department for the Secondary 1 Express students. This package has been carefully crafted to develop teamwork and resilience in students.


Sec 1 Experiential Learning

sec_1_experiential_learning_01 sec_1_experiential_learning_02

School-wide 7-habits Package

The department also launched the school-wide 7-habits package to develop students into well-rounded individuals. The whole-school programme was launched in Term 2 and all Secondary 1 to 3 students used the “7 Habits of Highly Effective Teens” and “The Choice is yours” book while the Secondary 4 and 5 students used “The 6 Most Important Decisions You’ll Ever Make” and “The Decision is yours” books. Peircian teachers collaborated to produce lesson materials and lesson plans to create effectiveness lessons. This programme allows our students to adapt and embrace life-long values and principles that will enrich their lives for now and the future.



The CCE syllabus incorporates the Growing & Interacting with Form Teachers (GROW & GIFT) Time. Since 2011, this initiative has put in place time every morning for teachers and students to develop personal leadership in students strengthening the teacher-student relationship.

The structure of the GROW & GIFT Time is as such:

  • Monday: Mass talk with focus on the week’s values/ directions by School Leaders/ Middle Managers
  • Tuesday: Assembly Programme
  • Wednesday: Year Head Time
  • Thursday: Form Teacher Time
  • Friday: Pastoral Chit Chat with Form Teachers/ Reading

Through the various programmes, the CCE department hopes to create positive learning experiences for our students to help in shaping their character as well as the moral and citizenship development.


cce_assembly-talk-1 cce_assembly-talk-2cce_ggt cce_ggt2