Track and Field

Peirce Track Team



The vision of the Peirce’s Track Team is “Persevere and Excel”. Not only will we persevere in our undertakings, we will also strive to excel in them.


Our motto, Discipline, Determination & Diligence (The 3 Ds), is the driving force for the team’s effort to attain the vision.

Our Training

Besides our own progressive trainings, we try whenever possible to take part in invitational races. This is to prepare our athletes mentally and physically. Such races allow us to acclimatise to the competitive environment which can be overpowering to the novice runner. It is also an opportunity for our athletes to pit themselves against other runners from schools all over Singapore before the national competitions.

Trainings for non-competitive runners are less rigorous. They will be prepared for school based events such as the cross-country, sports carnival and 2.4km run. They will slowly be exposed to more rigorous trainings to prepare them to be competitive runners if they choose to do.

Where opportunities present we try to participate in fun running events organised by external agencies such as SAFRA Bay Run to view running as one way to lead a healthy lifestyle. We have track camp or the sports camp to foster good rapport within the track team.

Desired Outcome
Key Approaches
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