Secondary 1 Registration 2020

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Announcement: Peirce Secondary School Secondary 1 Registration 2020

Dear Secondary One Ladies and Gentlemen ,

Congratulations  on completing PSLE in a very challenging year!

And a very warm Welcome to our Peirce Family!

All parents would have received a Sec 1 school posting notification on Parent Gateway (PG) on 23 Dec by 5 pm.

All students posted to our school must go through Registration.

Please note the points below, and take the appropriate action. Thank you  for your understanding.

  1. Mass Appeal Exercise

For Mass Appeal Exercise, transfer appeals will only be considered on exceptional basis for students with:

  • Serious medical conditions, such as chronic heart conditions or kidney problems.

All appeals must be accompanied by relevant supporting documents, such as medical reports, letters from doctors etc. They should be submitted to Peirce Secondary School General Office before 12 noon on 23 Dec. The staff will help to file your appeal. The appeal results will be released in early January. In the interim, students should still attend school from 4 Jan 2021. Please call the school at 64576454 for clarifications.


  1. Registration

All parents must register their child, even if they wish to transfer their child out for non-medical reasons. Students seeking transfers should continue to attend their posted secondary school until the transfer is approved. Transfers are subjected to vacancies at the requested transfer school.

Due to the current pandemic situation, registration should be done online.

  1. Online registration (from 22 Dec 5pm onwards)

For online registration, parents/ guardians just have to respond to the PG welcome notification by clicking “online registration” and filling up the student profile form on Form@SG by 23 Dec.

If you do not have PG, please go to the following link for the online registration.

  1. Face-to-Face registration

For parents who are unable to register online, please call the school at 64576454. Our staff will either assist you to register online, or make an appointment for you to come to school for registration.

Face-to-face registration will be by appointment only, which may not be on 23 Dec.

A student should be accompanied by, at most, one parent/ guardian.

Temperature-taking, safe-entry procedures, mask-wearing and social distancing will apply.


  1. Subject Based Banding (SBB) (For Normal Stream students only)

A Parent Gateway notification/ e-mail will be sent to you if your child is offered subject(s) at Express level (for Normal Academic) and Normal Academic level (for Normal Technical).

There is a pre-recorded briefing link on SBB. Do click on the link to view the briefing.

Parent/ Guardian, together with student, must decide on whether to take up the offer by 28 Dec 10 am.

To take up the offer, parent/ guardian can choose to:

(1)  reply the PG notification - PG notification will only be sent after 23 Dec

(2)  send an email with signed form (PDF) to

If parents/ guardians do not respond by 28 Dec 10 am, the school understands that the student will not take up the offer.


  1. Higher Mother Tongue

For 1 Express students who are keen to take Higher Mother Tongue, below are the requirements.


  1. PSLE Grade A/A* for MT
  2. A pass in the diagnostic test by school

Date/ Time/ Venue of Diagnostic test:

Thu 7 Jan 2021 1430-1730 hr.

Students to report to HCL room at level 2 (B2-01A).

Results of diagnostic test will be released by Term 1 Week 2.

Do click on the link to fill in the form if your child/ ward is keen in taking up Higher Mother Tongue.


For appeal to transfer(non medical) please click here or access through the following QR Code.

  1. Contact Persons

The email addresses of relevant staff on different matters are given below:

Mother Tongue Languages - Mrs Teo Chui Wan,

Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) - Mdm Foong Sau Wan,

Learning & Behaviour Support - Ms Kelly Lim,

Counselling - Mdm Vivian Yee,

Year Head (Lower Secondary) - Mrs Stephanie Lee,

Assistant Year Head (Sec 1) - Mr Eugene Lim,

You may also call 64576454 and be re-directed to the above staff.


  1. Briefing on First Week of School Matters

A briefing on the first week of school matters by Year Head Mrs Stephanie Lee can be accessed at this link.


  1. Purchasing of textbooks and uniforms

We encourage all parents/ guardians to purchase textbooks and uniforms online. Parents/ Guardians can make use of available online transactions to make your purchases and pick up from the stores in school on an appointment basis. Alternatively, home delivery service may be arranged at a fee.

If you prefer walk-in purchase, please note that strictly 1 Adult is allowed to accompany 1 student and we seek your kind cooperation to adhere to assigned time slots based on your child’s/ ward’s class*.

For students on financial assistance schemes, please come to school according to the assigned time slots and submit your approval letter for collection of textbooks and uniforms. For Singapore Citizens in financial need, you can contact General Office at 6457 6454 for further assistance.

  1. Walk-In Purchases for textbooks and uniforms - strictly based on your child’s/ ward’s class
Operating Hours Operating Dates Class* Timing Remarks
9am to 3pm

(Mon - Fri)

Closed on Sat,

Sun, PH Eve & PH






23-Dec-20 1NA / 1NT 9am - 3pm
28-Dec-20 1E 9am - 3pm
29-Dec-20 All Sec 1 9am to 3pm Walk-In Purchase

(Strictly on Appointment Basis)

30-Dec-20 All Sec 1 9am to 3pm Self-Collection for Online Order

(Strictly on Appointment Basis)

* This is not the final class allocation. Students would be placed into classes later.

  1. Alternative Modes of Purchases

For your easy reference, we have consolidated the various methods available for purchases below.


School Book Supplier: Casco Educational Supply Pte Ltd

S/N Methods of Purchase Details
1 Online sales Website:

Login Name: PSS

Password:  8193

Delivery fee of $13 is applicable.

For self-collection at school, please call 6256 3139 to make an appointment.


2 E-mail/ Fax To e-mail booklist to

To fax booklist to 6748 9139.


3 Walk-in Purchase @ School To contact our school bookshop at 6256 3139 for booking of appointment. Strictly on an appointment basis.

School Uniform Supplier: Asencio Uniforms & Bookshops Specialist

S/N Methods of Purchase Details
1 Online sales Website:

Please register an online account before proceeding to purchase. Delivery fee of $6 is applicable.

For self-collection at school, please call 96485011 to make an appointment.

2 E-mail To e-mail Order Form to

Asencio will contact you to confirm your order within 3 days after receiving your order.

3 Walk-in Purchase @ Retail Office  

120 Hillview Avenue

#05-01 Kewalram Hillview

Singapore 669594

Tel: 6764 3102